Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This Weekend: Thursday-Sunday

I’m a little behind in keeping up with writing.  

It was a crazy last 10 days, to say the least.

I was going to write in chronological order, but instead I’m going to jump around.

I’ll write about my first week at work later.  Right now I’m going to write about the past weekend and the past few days.   I won’t have internet at my place for a while so my blogging may be scattered here and there.   


I left work around 2:20.  Just in time to make it downstairs, out the door and catch the 2:34 bus.  I made it to my car a little before 3 and then headed west, towards Ohio.

It was a nice drive home, stopping only a few times, once to take a quick 45 minute nap at the NY/PA line.  I made it back to Rittman around 1:30 am.  I crashed on the couch and slept a few hours.

Woke up late at 9:30 and started finishing up a few things around the house.  I called the owner of the house (will explain the details later) that I would be renting to make sure she (current tenant) had in fact moved out the previous day like she agreed.
She hadn’t.  And was refusing to leave.

Which meant I had a trailer coming to load up my stuff at 1pm, a job to get back to, 
and no place to live.

The current heart palpitations I had started to have their own chest pains.

I made a few phone calls, and the word was spread.  I needed a temporary place to move into and needed it quick.

Within 2 hours, we had a place.

The truck and trailer arrived promptly at 1 and people started showing up to help.  I was rather scatter brained, tired, and fighting emotions.  I hope I thanked each one who helped.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

We loaded everything up within a few hours and the trailer was shut and driven to my brother in law and sisters house to wait for Monday morning.
Friday evening, before Good Friday service, I went to the hospital to see everyone.  I knew if I went at 6:30p I would get to see 2 shifts worth of friends. 

It was so good to go back.  I needed to see everyone again and spend a little more time with them.

The kids and I went to church and heard a wonderful service on the death of our Savior.  It was bittersweet to look around and see all the familiar faces and know that in a few days I would be leaving this place.  Memories of the past 30+ years came flooding back.


Saturday morning I spent more time at the house.  Cleaning a little more, checking things, etc. 

Saturday evening my friends, Diane and Gail, had a farewell party for me and the children.  I’m not sure how many people came, but there were a lot of people that showed up and I was overwhelmed at their goodness.

I did good not crying until the end when they pulled out three little scrapbooks.  Even in the rush of the past 2 weeks, a couple friends found time to give a scrapbook page to each one of the children’s Sunday School classmates.  Each page was loving done and decorated with memories, pictures, Bible verses, and songs. 

It was then the tears started to flow. 

They had also sent a blank card to everyone who was invited.  They were to put words of encouragement, pictures, etc. on it for me to take with me. 

I loaded up the gifts (yes, there were even gifts!), cards, and flowers from the centerpieces and went back to my moms.

The children and I opened our gifts and then I started going through the cards.  I sobbed through most of them.  So many kind words and memories were written.  People gave so generously.  It wasn’t expected or necessary, but it has made the financial aspect of this move so much easier.

After getting the children settled, I ran out to the store for some treats and then into the hospital to see the other team that wasn’t there the night before.  I snuck in through ER and spent a little time with them down there.  I snuck up to the 3rd floor and surprised everyone.  I spent an hour or so with them and then headed home.  I was tired and it was late.   It was hard to say goodbye again, but it was great to see them all before making the big move.


Went to church knowing it was going to be an emotional day.  The day was beautiful and so many people offered their prayers and support.

Everyone I spoke to said they would pray for God’s blessings to be upon me.  For the first time in my life, I stopped and really listened to that.  To think about the words and the depth of them.  To have someone ask God to pour blessings upon someone isn’t to be taken lightly, and until this point I always did. 

After the second service, the minister announced that we would be moving.  He said a few words and then said the desire of the Rittman congregation was the same as the words Moses said to Aaron in Numbers 6:24-26:  “The Lord bless thee and keep thee.  The Lord make His face to shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee.  The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee and give thee peace.”

At this  point I had no control of the tears.  To sit among my brothers and sisters and Christ and feel their love and support, in agreement of the words being read, was so touching.  It is an incredible feeling to have that blessing put on you.

The congregation then sang “God Be With You Til We Meet Again” It was so hard to mentally digest the reality that I was leaving.  It was real and I was really moving. 

After church, I slipped over to the cemetery.  I needed to say goodbye to my dad.
I took one of the flowers that were on the tables from the party the night before and planted it at dad’s grave.  I’m sure it will die, but it felt good to give him something.  It felt like I was including him somehow.

I asked my children to stay in the car.  I needed time alone with my dad.

Sunday evening we had dinner at my moms.  The whole family was there and it was good.  We had a great meal and then as the evening went on, we all knew that the time to say good bye was coming soon.

We took family pictures and later realized that when Riley was taking pictures with my sister’s Iphone, he was really videoing.  It was so much fun to see and hear us interact.  My brother would pinch us girls while we were trying to get a picture and in the video you would hear the scream of whichever girl he got. 

We said our good byes and the tears started.  I was doing okay until my little niece started to wail.  She was sobbing and hanging on to me.  It was so hard to say goodbye to all of them.

After everyone left, the kids and I stayed up and spent some time with my mom.  I knew I should get to bed, but wanted to spend time with her and Riley (he is staying with her until the end of the school year).  Finally around midnight I went to bed.  I had to get up at 2 am to load up and head east.

To be cont’ with Monday-Tuesday…..

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