Monday, October 28, 2013

Skip Day

It started a few years ago with Riley.

He was having a tough time with life in general.

And who could blame the kid?  Life right then was fairly tough.

I let him skip school.

To have a mommy day.

The only oops in the plan was the day that it happened was the same day as the school's open house.

That evening we went anyhow.

I told his teacher why he missed and why I let him.

I loved her response: "I think he needed a day with mom more than he needed my math lesson."

That is a great teacher.

The next year I let him do the same thing.

The teacher's response?

"I don't know what you did with him that day, but I have a different student.  Keep it up."

I've come to realize that in all the craziness our life offers, sometimes we just need a skip day.  A day to spend one on one.  Not doing anything overly exciting.  But just being together in the quietness of the day.


Today is Rhianna's skip day.

It wasn't planned (they never are).

This morning I went to moms to wake them up for school.  (I worked last night).

Rhianna woke up in a mood.  Not bad necessarily; just a mood.

I could tell she needed some mom time.

She asked for her skip day to be today. (They get only one a year).

I am off today so I saw no reason to say no.

I told her that it would be a busy day.

We would be working on packing then unpacking.


Having Skip Day as a tradition in our family has made a huge impact on my children as individuals.

Its a simple thing that makes for great changes.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Ever have a day, week, month, time in your life, that you just feel overwhelmed, lost, and confused?

That's where I am right now.

I'm managing the odd work schedule; but its tough.

One nurse asked me today if I moved in.

She said "I left late yesterday and you were still here.  I came back today and you are here again....did you move in?"

I'm thankful for the job and the hours.

But with trying to move, it just makes things a little hairy.

I'll get through it.

I always do.

But whats really dragging me down is the lack of direction in my life.

For over 3 years I was so focused, so driven, so determined to succeed in moving east.

God was clear, I was focused.

No matter what obstacle; I worked through it.  Simply because I had a clear goal in mind.


I have no goal.

I have nothing to work towards.

I go to work.

I try to schedule in sleep.

I juggle kid stuff.

I do laundry.

Life is empty for me right now.

Rather bleak.

I'm thirty-three years old and I have no direction, no goal, nothing.

I'm alone.

Yet surrounded by too many people.

I'm fighting a lot of emotions.

Some are just caused by lack of normalcy in sleep.

Most are deep-rooted, painful emotions that I must fight through.

I'm a fighter.  I'll survive.  I'll beat this.

But it is hard

I'm fighting against emotions I don't have the energy to fight against and can't find a reason to fight against.

I realize to some I am talking in circles; riddles perhaps.

Fill in the blank with your own 'somethings' you are fighting against.  Are you fighting against something you don't have the energy to fight against?  But must fight against them anyhow?

Then you'll understand.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Haze of Crazy

I'm not sure why I'm surprised.

I should have expected this to happen.

When life gets busy, I should expect it to get busier.

When life brings change, I should expect even more to change.

Its good for me to be busy; and change isn't always bad.

Its just trying to see through the haze of crazy and trying to enjoy the ride.


It all started right around the same time I was interviewing for this job.

At the time I worked with a guy who had a brother who had a house which needed cleaned.

It was a rental.  One tenant moving out; another moving in.

When I cleaned it, I couldn't help thinking how perfect it was for us.

A small ranch, large kitchen, partially finished basement, great neighborhood, close to schools, etc.

I knew there was someone in line for it.  So I prayed "God, if this is where I am supposed to be; make it happen."  And then dropped it.

I told the owner that if the new tenant changed her mind or moved out soon or whatever to let me know.  I was interested.

And dropped it.

A few weeks later he called and said that she kept changing her mind about wanting it.  He was giving her a few more days and he would decide for her.  He needed to get it rented.

A week later he called.  It was mine if I wanted.

I did want.

He gave me the entire month of October to paint and move in.

Last time I moved I had 3 days.

A month?  That was great.


This past month, I have been painting in between work and sleep.

I've been slowing moving boxes.

This week is the final week to get everything moved.

I finally broke down and admitted weakness and had a friend help me finish up paint and then requested off a day to use to move the big stuff.

The painting is done (can't wait to take pics and show you.  SO MUCH FUN picking out new paint colors and design).

The moving in has started with great progress.


This house is almost a dream house.

Yep. Its small.

But it has everything I need and even a few things I want.


The past 2 months have been a whirlwind of change.  Some hard to take, some easy to handle.

I'm ready to leave my tiny apartment; but in some ways I'm sad.

It has served us well.  It kept us dry and warm and what more could we really ask for?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Sweetest Day. Bah Humbug

Warning:  If you don't want to hear negative rantings, don't read any further.  Sometimes I use this blog to be uplifting (which I try) and other times I just have to write the honest truth about how I feel.  Sometimes its pretty; sometimes its ugly.  Today, I'm feeling kinda blunky.  Consider yourself warned.
I realize Sweetest Day is just another day that a company created to increase profits.

Actually, if you look in the history of it,  Sweetest Day was actually created by a Northern Ohio company and is still only celebrated in Ohio.


So. much.

Its not about the lack of a card, or candy, or flowers.

It about the lack of someone there.

Its the fact that I'm not anyone's #1.

And most likely I won't ever be anyone's #1.


I know I have my kids.  And I love them and they love me.

But lets face the facts.  Kids aren't typically considerate, thankful, grateful or mindful of their mother's emotional needs.

And them being considerate, thankful, and grateful after they are reminded just doesn't cut it.

I know that our relationship will grow and become different as they get older.

But I want my kids to have their #1 person to be their spouse; not their mom.

(Nothing worse than a man who is still tied to his mama's apron strings).

All I'm saying is that being alone stinks.

There's no one to come home to, there's no one to say good morning to, there's no one to occasionally text through the day and ask how their day is and there is no one to answer that text.  There's no one to tell about something your kid did that was awesome,  there's no one to pick you up when you just can't do another day, there's no one to argue with, there's no one to tease, there's no one.

And knowing that there never will be anyone makes days like today hard.

Even if it is a ridiculous commercial holiday.

Can you do me a favor?

If you do have someone in your life who is your #1 and you are their #1, please tell them.

Forget the gushy cards, forget the expensive flowers, forget the gross chocolate covered cherries.

Just give them a hug and tell them how wonderful they are and how thankful you are you get to be their #1.