Friday, June 17, 2011

Land is in Sight

Remember one of my last posts about sailing and being lost at sea?


Well, you can find it here

I just wanted to give an update.

I'm still paddling in my kayak.

I'm still out in the ocean.

But guess what?

I have spotted land!

Last week I was sailing along, unsure of where I was going.  For all I knew I was paddling in circles. 

My arms were weary from paddling across the wide, wide ocean. 

I almost wanted to give up.

But Father God came and rescued me.

He gave me a gust of wind to push me along...not a teeny breeze that isn't felt until you look around and see the changes...and not such a huge gale force that it would slam me into shore...but the perfect strength.

A push that helped me see that land was, in fact, in sight.  That I had been headed in the right direction.  That all that paddling was paying off.

He gave me such a wonderful push that the rest of this week I have been able to rest my weary arms and just drift a bit.

Are you curious?

Are you wondering what happened?

It all started with a trip to Connecticut for a friend's wedding.  I knew that I had a potential interview, but nothing written in stone.
Tuesday morning the interview was confirmed for the next day at 2pm.

Then, Tuesday night I checked my emails to find an email from a friend in CT whose parents owned some apartments...would I be interested in looking at one?

Wednesday morning came around and I had the opportunity to tour the apartment.  It had everything I had on my 'need to have' list. 

They were:
In a specific town
Have its own laundry room
Large kitchen
Yard for kids to play in

Each 'requirement' was met. Only better than I could have dreamed.

What it also had that I wasn't expecting was an awesome price...with landlords that I know and trust. 

Wednesday afternoon came around.  I dropped the boys off at a friends house and headed into Hartford for the interview.

I ran through Dunkin Donuts and treated myself to a fun coffee (with whipped cream and caramel...of course).

I easily found my way to St. Francis in downtown. 

I was early so I sat in the car in the parking garage and read some verses.  I knew God was with me.

This place is huge.mammoth.massive.justplainexpansive. big.

I couldn't believe I was interviewing there.  It was, truly, a dream come true.

The manager came to the information desk to meet me. 

As we walked through the corridors, he talked a bit of his story and how he became successful at St. Francis.  He told me a bit of the institution and how it has expanded over the years. I was amazed at how easy he was to converse with and I felt as though we were on the same page.

We interviewed for a few minutes and then I was able to walk through the Emergency Department.  What an amazing and modern facility!  I was praying for the opportunity to work there.

After meeting some of the other registrars I was able to again sit down to finish up the interview.  We talked a bit...about my education and other work experiences.

What I did not expect came next:

I got the job.

Yes, you read right.


The manager was very encouraging and supportive.  He said that with my education and personal drive I will have many opportunities to grow within St. Francis.  He said all I have to do is to work hard, give it my all, and the promotions will come automatically.  I was speechless.  I think I may have even stared blankly for just a moment.

As he walked me back to the elevator to the parking garage, we visited some more.  He asked me my reasons for moving to CT.  I told him of the church I would be attending. I told him of the awesomeness of the support of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I told him that I just.simply.loved New England. I told him it was a childhood dream...and I thanked him for the opportunity to fulfill my dream.  I think he understood...he had told me his story about a young man who started at St. Francis decades ago with only a dream and some ambition. 

God is so good. God is so merciful. God wants to give us gifts.  All we have to do is ask and then trust He will give whatever is best for us.

So, here is where I am.  I'm once again at the stage of trusting and obeying with the faith that He will provide.

In 2 weeks human resources will contact me for another interview to verify things and set my salary/benefits.

In 2 weeks I have to let the family know if I am going to be able to take the apartment.

The next 2 weeks I will be praying that God will tell me what to do.

Please.please.please my dear readers, will you pray for me too? 

Here is where I still need to do a bit of paddling in my little boat on the ocean...

My house still hasn't sold. 
My house needs to sell.
But if it doesn't?  How can I turn down these opportunities.

I prayed about these decisions.  God spoke and told me that I had 2 weeks in regards to the job and in regards to the apartment. 

I guess I just need to listen to His word.

Listen. Be Still. Wait upon His timing.

After waking from a bit of a nap last evening, I woke to have this verse running through my head...what better answer do I need?

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint...Isaiah 40:31

Monday, June 6, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...Two in One

I missed last week's favorite things post.

So this weeks post will have two weeks full of favorite things!

My baby graduated preschool! 
It is bittersweet to think that I won't have anymore children in pre-school.
  I'm thankful they are growing. and maturing. 
But its going oh so fast.

We have had so much rain... 

But oh do we love to play in it!

I almost didn't add this as 'one of my favorite things'
'Cause at the time. It wasn't. Notsomuch.
In fact.
I screamed.
A lot.
(Just ask my kids)

 But now?
It's kinda cute.
Just don't tell my kids.
'Cause if they did it again?
I'd scream.

I taking pictures of my flowers after a rain shower.
I love how each and every droplet is so unique and beautiful.
How every petal is paper thin...
and yet held up through the downpour of rain.

And the sky?
The deep blue of the sky?

Summer Days are finally here.
And with them is laundry dried in the breeze.
There is no better way to end your day
 than to kneel down by a bed
 that has fresh linens that had been sun kissed. 
The whole room scented with an aroma
 that could never be captured in a bottle.

One last favorite.

Life doesn't get much better than this....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

That Your Joy Be Made Full

The past few weeks I have been very down and discouraged with life.

Nothing too serious. Just life in general.


This weekend I was starting to feel a bit better.

Like maybe. This will all work out.

Then it happened.

I was making dinner and I heard the pitter patter of the rain.

Then a downpour.

There is nothing.nothing better than a summer rain.

I called to the kids and said "lets go!"

We ran into the yard and played in the rain.

We ran around to the back and picked strawberries for our dinner while it poured down our backs.

Rhianna, scared, soon ran inside.

Riley was cold and he too dashed indoors.

Reagan was alone splashing on the sidewalk.

I ran over and grabbed him.

We danced together in the rain, for just a moment.  He giggle down at me as we twirled together through the raindrops.

He wiggled down, drenched, ready to go it.

I, however, was not ready.

I stood in the yard, for quite some time, with water running down me.

I was soaked.drenched.inundated.saturated with water.

And it felt good.

As I stood there I prayed that God would wash away all the doubts and fears I had accumulated the past few weeks. I prayed that with these showers would come a washing away of the things that Satan had brought me.

I started to feel hot tears run down my cheeks. Mixing in with the cold of the raindrops.

I stood there and felt all feelings of worry and stress wash away. I was being cleansed. Made whole again.

I kept praying. And crying. Begging God to show me He is still gently leading me. Asking Him to show Himself to me.

At that instant, with the rain still pouring and the thunder still crashing, the clouds broke open in a splendor of glory.

Like the doors to Heaven itself opened.

I stood there in awe. In amazement. In adoration of my heavenly Father.

...ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full. John 16:24

(Check out what my Father gave me. I'm so spoiled!)

For thy mercy is great unto the heavens, and thy truth unto the clouds. Psalm 57:10

Friday, June 3, 2011

An Ocean, A Kayak, and A Map

Have you ever felt like you were in a teeny, tiny kayak paddling in the big ocean?

I do.

Right now.

I know where I'm headed. At least I know where I am supposed to be headed.

I just have no idea if I am actually headed in that direction.

For all I know I'm spinning in circles.

Last summer God made it very clear to me that I was to move to Connecticut. {Maybe I'll share that amazing journey sometime}.

I know the point of my intended destination.

But lately I've just felt that I have been blindly paddling.

I felt as though I could be paddling backwards.

I was getting very discouraged.

My house still hasn't sold.

I can't seem to put the pieces together on how to get a job while living 600 miles away and with not being sure when I can start.

I'm just not sure if I am doing it right.

I prayed for a little sign.

A glimpse of the map or a star in the sky; to let me know I was headed in the right direction.

Okay. Honestly? I prayed for a huge gust of wind to push me towards my destination faster and then quickly changed my mind.

I don't want to find out what would happen if a big breeze shoved me along too quickly~slamming into the shore ahead of schedule is not the best plan.

Once I prayed for just a glimpse, just something, to show me that I was indeed on the right course I realized all the little things God has done to slowly move me along.

I don't need to paddle so hard.

I don't need to panic and wonder where I am.

I don't need to worry that my supplies I have tucked in my canoe will run out before I reach the shore.

I don't need to have anxiety over the future.

All I need to do is trust.

As I paddle along the gentle waves, I'll be praying that God will keep me on course and not allow me to get frantic with paddling causing me to drift in the wrong direction.

One day soon I will see land in sight. And I will be thankful I let God my Father be my guide.