Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Funeral

Squirrel Saga: Part Two

As previously posted there was a squirrel in my wood stove. 

Being that I do NOT do wild creatures I made the choice to just let the thing die. 

I waited.

And waited.

And then decided, forget it.  The squirrel can go with the house.

'Cause I am way. ever. opening that stove. again.

Last weekend I had some friends in from CT and told my story.

Brad looked at me curiously and said..."Um. So.  What did you do with it?"

I looked back and said "Um. What do you mean?  Its still there. 'Cause I'm not touching it."

He smiled and then offered to get it out for me. 

I was worried it just might still be alive.

We prepared a box (casket??) prepared for the departed. 

As Brad cracked open the front of the stove and declared "YEP. Its dead."  (Lets just say it smelled. Slightly.  So when they said it was an airtight stove. They MEANT it!)

Riley did the honors of scooping it out of the stove while I stood and watched. 

I screamed. Literally.Screamed when I saw the thing. It was huge. As in the biggest.monsterous.giganitic squirrel I have ever.In my entire life.seen. 

Rhianna carried the closed 'casket' out to the back for the official burial.

The pallbearers following close behind:

Once they reached the burial plot, Rhianna set the coffin carefully into the hole that Brad so willingly dug:

Riley said a few words and sang a hymn about a squirrel falling down a chimney while Brad shed a few tears (or is he laughing??)

Final goodbye:

The tombstone:

After the service we went in the house for a funeral meal and to take the time to discuss our dearly? departed.

And so ends the saga of the squirrel. 

I hope that this is the one.and.only saga of a squirrel.  

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