Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finding a Lawyer that I Trust

I am in the process of filing some legal documents for more protection for my children.  In doing this I am using the best family law attorney I know.  I want the best.  I want the one that I know I can put full trust in knowing that my children and I will be protected. 

Once before I had to stand before a judge while filing legal documents to gain legal protection from the children’s father.  As I walked into the courtroom I was terrified.  But then I remembered the strength and wisdom of my attorney.  I no longer was afraid.  I knew I was safe.

Once again as these legal proceedings will begin, the thought came to mind:  One day we are all going to have to stand before a different kind of judge.  God is going to judge each one of us for our deeds; good and bad.  The thought of standing in front of God while He reviews my life is scary to put it mildly. 

Then I thought of Christ.  Christ will be sitting down at the table with me.  He will speak for me.  He will defend me.  He knows the judge well.  A good attorney will know the judge and their reactions.  Christ knows the Judge well.  Jesus knows how God will react; He knows how He feels about sin and unrighteousness.

I thought about the money I am going to have to give my lawyer as a retainer.  And it made me thankful that salvation is free.  But as I thought more about it, I realized that Christ requires a different kind of payment than money.  He requires we repent for our sins, He requires we be converted into a new person, He requires that we lead a life glorifying Him, He requires us to love one another. 

I also thought of the time I spend communicating with my lawyer.  He needs to know details.  He needs to have documentation.  He needs to have as much information to be able to fully represent me.  Christ also wants constant communication.  He wants to know details of our day.  He wants us to study His Word.  He wants us to have as much information as possible to be able to make it to our heavenly home. 

Standing in front of a judge is scary.  Thankfully, I have never had to stand in front of a judge because of a crime. But the feeling of standing in front of a judge knowing that the fate rests in his power is scary enough. 

I am fearful to stand in front of God.  But to think that Jesus will come along side me and say “You are mine.  I will do the speaking for you; the representing.”  I can’t imagine walking into that courtroom and having Jesus look at me and say “I don’t know you” and to walk to that table, sit down and stare up at the Judge; knowing I have nothing to defend myself; that the Judge will convict me of all my sins and condemn me to eternal hell.

Through the next weeks I will be preparing and spending time with my attorney to best make my case.  We need to all be spending time each day talking to our heavenly attorney to learn how to better our lives and cleanse us so when the day comes when we stand in front of the Judge we are prepared.