Friday, June 29, 2012


I'm still alive.  Still breathing.  And somewhat still coping.

This past week has been much better.  Thanks for all the prayers.  They were truly felt.

Riley has settled down tremendously.  He had football camp this week.  Just a few hours every morning, but enough to burn off some energy.  He came home beaming the first morning.  The coach had told him he would do great as a cornerback and had natural abilities.  I'm not writing this to brag about my boy.  I'm writing this because my son had a man (not silly old mom) tell him that he was good at something.  And that was huge.  He felt capable, accepted, wanted, and needed.  This was good.

The house selling thing?  Well.  The one person who was very interested changed her mind last minute.  Not going to go into that.  The other person who was slightly interested could still be potentially interested.  Their realtor had an out of state emergency this week....etc. etc. and so forth.  However, enter person 'C'.  We had another showing and they loved it.  They just need to decide which town they want to live in.  If they choose Rittman; they want my house.  So its Rittman versus North Ridgeville. Who ever would have thought?? For the readers who are not from the area, North Ridgeville is a town about 45 minutes NW of Rittman...never once thought it as a competition.  Then again...I do seem to bring out the odd things.   We shall see how that plays out. 

As for a truck to haul:  Thanks to those who offered to help me.  You know who you are and God will bless you for your willingness to help! 

On the legal end: things are quiet.  For now.  Next week a certain person will be served.  We will see what excitement (read: drama) that brings. 

On the school end?  Still rough.  But. I am more than half way done with this class.  I'm still alive, still breathing, so I just might make it!  After this class I am down to 7 months and 5 classes!  I still have the Humanities to test out of...but I am looking into other options.  I just have to accept my limits. 

Work has been slow, being a seasonal thing.  So I was blessed with a few weeks off work.  I didn't see it as a blessing at the time (one more added stress). But two weeks into it I am seeing it as that.  My kids needed a few weeks of summer.  They needed time at home with me.  I have been trying to do extra fun things with them while I have the time off.  It has been such a blessing and a help for my stress level to be off for a time.

Last weekend the kids and I snuck away for the weekend.  We went to see some friends and cousins in Southern Ohio and then have a church service in the mountains of West Virginia.  It was the pause that refreshes.... 

This week we spent a day swimming at a friends house, we picked daisies and colored the stems.    We baked together and played together.   I'm looking forward to the next few weeks...of the little moments that really count. 

Riley and I had a chance to go on a bike ride together.  We spent an hour just riding side by side talking.  That night at bedtime I asked him his favorite part of the day.  He said 'riding bike and talking with you'.  Mind you this happened in the same day of football camp...  It made me realize that sometimes the kids just need quiet time with me. 

I can't wait for things to slow down; the stress to lift some and I can find some normalcy through it. Will that ever be??

Thanks again for your prayers.  We will pull through.  

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