Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Small Valentine

Last Thursday was Valentine's Day.

Some years it bothers me that I'm single and other years it doesn't.

This year wasn't the best of years.  Just days after turning another year older and then waking with a migraine didn't set me in the best of moods.

Certainly not in a mood to help at a 2nd grade Valentine party.

After drugging up on Advil and chugging caffeine, hoping the headache would subside a bit, I drove up to the school.

The party was so much fun, dipping snacks into a chocolate fondue and playing games.

While we were passing out treats and rearranging desks, I heard one boy say to another "You don't deserve a chair." 

I was fired up when I heard this.

I can't stand when kids are mean.

 I was picked on in school and I knew how the other boy felt. 

His eyes dropped to the floor and he just stood there digesting the thought that he didn't deserve a chair. 

I went over to the mean kid and made him walk over and apologize and say something nice.

After he apologized I walked him back to his desk and told him "Everyone is fighting a battle. Be nice to everyone." 

Not sure if he understood it.  But hopefully it sticks in his memory.  

I resolved the situation and let it go.

What touched my heart was when the little boy who was picked on soon walked up to me and tapped me on the elbow.  He handed me a Valentine, smiled, and walked away. 

I slipped the Valentine in my pocket and enjoyed the rest of my day.

It made me realize that sometimes sticking up for the underdog or doing a small gesture of kindness can go a long way.

The little boy will never know how much that little Valentine meant to me. 

Instead of being sad, it made me smile the rest of the day.

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  1. Bless his heart! It's something how one kid wanted to ruin the day, while another kid made your day! You are an inspiration to all single parents. Keep speaking your mind and sharing your faith. ~ an Illinois reader