Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life Isn't Fair

Life isn't fair.

And I'm glad.

Because if it were fair then things would be even worse than what they can sometimes be.

I have to admit that sometimes I complain, whine and grumble about my circumstances.  I am tired from being a single mom.  I am weary from writing essay after essay and doing power point after power point.  I am exhausted from working all day to come home to fussy kids.  The list could go on and on...

But time after time I must stop and remember how good I really do have it.

I recently started working at an orchard and some things were eye openers. 

I work with some people who are very hard workers.

One day while bagging apples, a young migrant girl who hardly speaks any English, stands up and says "America. America!!" with her hands raised in the air.  She was so excited to have made it to America that she could not contain her joy.

When was the last time I was thankful for living in this land?  The land of freedoms and opportunities.  When was the last time I was truly thankful that I can practice my religion in freedom without fear from authorities?  Oh we talk about it. But do we really, really appreciate it?  When was the last time I was thankful for the opportunity to choose my career and then have the ability to go on to further education to obtain my goals?  When was the last time I was thankful that my children are receiving an excellent education...for free?  When was the last time you were thankful to be living in America?

There is another migrant worker who works very hard. Day in and day out.  Always with a smile on his face. Always polite. Always kind.  Always willing to lend a hand.  One of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  The other day I found out that his wife and two children are left in his home country.  He is trying to get them work permits to come here but can't.  Instead he sends home almost his entire check to support them and lives on very little here.  He gets to see them once a year. If he is lucky.  And I complain because my kids are noisy and they fight? And I complain because I have to do this alone?  I'm sure he would love to hear his children's noisy clatter everyday.  Instead he sacrifices himself for them. 

Who am I to be complaining about my circumstances.  It is easy to look around and see those who have it much easier than I do, but where does that get me?  I should look around and see all of those who have it much harder than I do and count my blessings that I am the one who in truth has it so easy.

Who am I that God should have put me in this free nation, born into a Christian home?  Who am I that God should have given me the brain and intelligence to be able to go on to college and someday have a decent job?  Who am I that God should have blessed me with three amazing children?  Who am I that God should have blessed me with amazing friends and a helpful family?  Who am I that God should have provided good health for me and my children, when so many are suffering from horrible illnesses?  Who am I that God should have protected me through the abuse my ex-husband put me through?  Who am I that God called me as His own?  Who am I that Jesus Christ thought of me while He hung on the cross?  Who am I? 

In reality, I am nothing.  I am no more deserving of any good thing than the next person.  And yet God still gave me so many blessings.  And then I complain because my life isn't what I think it should be?  Wow. Have I got some nerve...

Next time you get in the depths of despair and can only see what you don't have...look around... and see how much worse others have it and then be thankful that life isn't fair.

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