Monday, November 14, 2011

A Mustard Seed Is All You Need

"A mustard seed said Jesus is the least of all the seeds. A mighty tree will grow...if a mustard seed you sow. Plant a mustard seed of faith, in the garden of your heart.
Plant a mustard seed of faith and it will grow."

This is my favorite song out of the Children's Harp. (The songbook for Sunday School).  I love the simple melody...the simple words...and yet the deep meaning behind those words. 

They are so encouraging to me.  A reminder that God really does not need me and my ideas and my opinions and my thoughts.  All He needs is my simple faith.  So simple that it is comparable to a mustard seed.  All He requires is a mustard seed of faith and He, alone, can give the increase.

How small is a mustard seed, you ask?

I too was curious so I Googled it. (I Google absolutely everything).

And this is what I found out:
  • There are many different kinds of mustard seeds
  • They are typically 1-2 mm in diameter
  • Only takes 3-10 days to germinate, if placed in a cold, moist soil.  (Sound familiar?  Cold and hard hearts???)
  • Grows into the largest of all garden plants

As most of my readers know, I am struggling with many things right now.  The number one question is "Why am I being asked to wait to move?  You told me almost 2 years ago to move...why am I still waiting?" 

I just have to remember that with God there is a purpose.  There is a reason.  I will someday understand, either on earth or in heaven.  But someday I will understand why I have been asked to wait.  And an answer to the reasons behind my many, many questions. 

When I Googled 'mustard seed' for pictures and information for this post, I came across this picture:

And it made me smile.

'Cause that's a pretty big tree.  A beautiful tree.  A strong tree.

And I realized that God can take a tiny seed of faith, one that is only 1mm in diameter, and create a large, strong, tree of faith for His children to rest under.  How amazing is that?

My dear readers, I understand that I am not the only one who has struggles.  Or stresses, or anxiety, or unanswered prayers.  But I do know that God will provide all our needs according to HIS riches in HIS time.  So keep on praying...keep on trusting...and keep having faith. Even if it is only the size of a mustard seed.

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