Saturday, February 18, 2012


I was recently told, from a very wise man, that uncertainty is the worst of all stresses.

Uncertainty is the theme of the past year of my life.

I hadn't realized how the uncertainty of the move was affecting me physically and mentally.

Until this afternoon.

I laid down for a quick nap this afternoon.

When I awoke a bit later, I was confused. 

My mind was running overtime.

I hardly recognized the room I was in.

And wasn't sure where I was.

I could not decipher where I was or what place in time.

I started to panic.

Was I in my house in Ohio?

Was I in my new home in Connecticut?

If I wasn't in my new home, what was taking so long and why wasn't I there?

And if I was in my new home, how did I get there?

After a moment, I woke completely.

Then the comment of uncertainty came flooding back.

And I realized that it was affecting me more than I realized.

Bottom line...

Something has got to give.  And soon. 

'Cause I'm starting to lose my mind.

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