Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An attempt at something 'crafty' and I must say I didn't do too bad...

I am the most un-crafty person I know.  I can get an idea in my head but can never can get my hands to do what my brain is imagining.  I can make a cookie with the best of 'em, but crafts?glue?cutting? Completely out of my league!

When Rhianna brought me this magazine:

I wasn't sure if I should even try.

She wanted me to make the tent.  I hated to tell her that I was incapable of doing something this simple.   

I read the instructions and it looked like something that even I could pull off.

I bought a fun colored table cloth at a cheap discount store while she was at school in hopes I could somehow manage this.

We made it home and decided to start our project.

First we found a sturdy piece of cardboard:
And cut it to the desired size.

We then added tacky glue:
Or I added tacky glue (there is no way I'm letting a little girlie get a hold of this stuff:o)
(Make sure you use plastic gloves.  This stuff is nasty sticky....perfect for my project.)

We placed the table cloth (print side up) over the glue covered cardboard.

I flipped the board over and cut the excess cloth:

I drizzled more glue around the edges and glued down the extra cloth for a finished look.

To keep the 'tent' upright, the magazine suggested a wooden stick of sorts.  I searched around the house and had nothing similar.

I brainstormed a bit and got creative. (This is where I usually go wrong and screw up the whole thing:o)

I had some fishing line and thought tying a string tightly through each side would make it secure.  Obviously this is a high tripping risk.  I warned Rhianna to not let her dolls trip on it. 


Believe it or not, but my string trick worked.  It also allows for it to collapse for easy storage. 

Even Kirsten agrees it is a great tent!

There is a ton of extra cloth.  Rhianna is requesting sleeping bags.  I just might try and make some sleeping bags out of the extra cloth.  Could be fun!

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