Wednesday, August 7, 2013


2 phone calls and 2 emails later, I received the news that they jumped the gun in opening the position for me.

It wasn't 100% approved as a staffing need.

So for now, no job offer.

I could take this news really bad.

Instead I'm going to tell myself that they wanted me SO BADLY that they couldn't wait for me to work there so they QUICKLY opened a position in hopes that I could QUICKLY get to work with them.


Or maybe its just Corporate America and its just how things go.

I am still in the running for the one position, so its not a total loss.  Just the first job was the job of my dreams.

All eight employees I have interviewed with (2 VPs, 2 upper management, 2 employees, 2 recruiters) are impressed with me and like what I have to offer their company.

All eight are going to watch the staffing needs and keep in contact with me.

I'm okay.

Disappointed.  Worried.  A bit taken aback.

But okay.  

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