Monday, August 19, 2013

Ready for 4 more

"You don't come across as someone who has been wounded."  The woman said across the table while taking a sip through the straw of her Starbucks coffee.

That was the ultimate compliment.

I hadn't shared much.  Just a sentence or two.  A brief overview.

I had been encouraged to share with her my personal story by our mutual contact.

It was in the downtown Hartford Marriott's Starbucks.

I was nervous.

I was excited.

Mostly, I was ready to take the world by the horns.


Earlier that morning I said to my friend: "Who would have thought 4 short years ago, that today I would be preparing for a meeting over coffee in a downtown Hartford coffee shop with a VP of a huge company?  Who would have thought the girl who had to hide to sleep and feared for her and her children's life would be meeting with such a professional networking contact as this?"


That meeting took place a few months ago.

But today, especially today, her words are echoing in my heart.

It was today, I stood my ground and said "no more".

Over the next few weeks I gave him the ultimate ultimatum:

Either us, his family or cocaine his addiction.

In the end he chose cocaine.


There was a time when that was hard.

To have the reality that someone would choose cocaine over me.

Over his CHILDREN!

But I'm okay.  I'm stronger now.  Maybe even a little too tough.  

One thing is for sure.  And that is that I am happy.

Happier than I have been in decades.

I love life.

I laugh.

I smile.

I joke.

I'm not afraid to live anymore.

I'm not wounded. 

He didn't destroy me.


But I stood up and fought.

And conquered it.

I  am no longer wounded because I am healed.

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