Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I guess I left everyone with a cliffhanger.

I sorta feel like the cliffhanger right now.

I spoke with someone there, at that certain place, last Tuesday and again on  Wednesday.

They changed the job they want to offer me from one kind to another.  Similar, but different.

But for me, this change is so much better in many different aspects.

This means a little bit more time to open the job and write the offer.

Still haven't heard back, but I'm peaceful about it.

I originally wanted to be moved before school starts.  But that is in 2 weeks.

2 weeks here and 3 weeks there.

But to have the kids unregistered in Rittman, they have to be registered in Conn.  To be registered in Conn., I have to have an address there.

That means I would have to be moved in less than 2 weeks.


I'm okay with the extra time.

I just don't want the kids to go to school here for a week or two and then move.  I'd rather a little settling here in school and then have a date set and work on being mentally prepared for a few weeks.

I hear its better for the kids socially to be the new kid in the middle of the year, even in the middle of the week.  They aren't as easily lost in the crowd and make friends faster.  

Who knows when it will happen or how it will happen and what will make it happen.

I'm okay with waiting for the right time.

I've waited for three years.

In that time I have found peace with some tough relationships.  In that time I've found the strength to move on by changing our last names.  In that time I finished my degree.  In waiting through that time a dream job has been brought before me.

One thing I've learned and waiting often makes whatever we are waiting on better.  

And my boys are just fine with this taking a few extra weeks....the longer it takes, the more football they get to play :-) And to my boys, one especially, football is life.

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