Saturday, May 17, 2014

'Mom, you look like a widow' and other wonderful compliments!

Reagan was up late with me watching me scroll through Facebook.

He happened to see my cover photo.

Which is this:

He said "Mom.  You look like a widow in that picture!!"

I asked him why he thought I looked like a widow. 

He said it was because I was wearing a scarf over my hair.  

(This picture was taken in February at a Connecticut beach.  It was cold!)

This didn't really make sense so I asked him:

"Do you know what a widow is?"

He said "Yea!!  A widow is a homeless woman"


This comment came a few hours after Rhianna had asked if I there were cars when I was little.  

"Um, yea..." 

Then asked when she thought cars were invented. 


I guess that makes me a very old homeless woman. 


Oil of Olay wrinkle control sounds like a great investment.   

Other than recent the recent setbacks (the ones mentioned above), we are doing wonderfully good here. 

My 3rd week at work proved to be the roughest so far.  I think the newness wore off, but I still didn't feel settled.  My brain would hurt from all the information being shoved into it.  (I'll write soon about what I do along with pictures of the city) 

The next week went much, much smoother and we seem to be settling into a routine.  

We are in the midst of finding/finalizing some permanent housing for us.  We are in a great little apartment temporarily while we take some time to find a house that will work for us. 

Other than the housing search, the kids and I are doing great.  We have made so many wonderful friends and it feels like home here in Connecticut.  

I pinch myself when I think this is all a dream.   It is really is that wonderful. 

All I can say, is to those who read this who are struggling.  Don't give up.  Keep looking to God and keep plugging away.  Someday God will give you all the desires of your His way and in His time.  When that time comes you will have to pinch yourself too.  

I have so much to write, and will write more soon. 

Thanks for all of your prayers, encouragement and love.  

I couldn't have done this without you.  

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