Monday, May 19, 2014


Its been a month now.

The first few weeks brought bumps that I didn't expect.

There were the adjustments and unexpected emotions that had to be dealt with.

Then all of a sudden, life seemed normal.

It is home and now feels like home.

I can't begin to describe the peace and contentment that I have.

I am finally home.

I hear many comment  with:

"You did it! You didn't give up even though it took 3 years!"

I have to laugh.

It actually took me 21 years.

I first knew this was home when I was 13.  I finally made it now that I'm 34.

I may have taken the long route, but I made it.

Breathless and shaky-legged ,yes, but home nonetheless.

There are still some obstacles that will have to be hurdled.

We are still looking for permanent housing, which is our only glitch.

Long story...but the house we were going to move into had some issues came up on the landlord's end so the deal fell through. We are staying in a small apartment that is home we look for to settle into.  Right now that is the biggest hurdle, and I have a 'crew' out looking for someplace for us to call home.

I came across this picture tonight and thought it said it perfectly:

We need to be content, but we also shouldn't hold on to things, ideas or concepts.  So often the things we think are exactly what we need end up taking the place of something that God wants to give us that is much better.   

We head back to Ohio next week to get Riley.  

I haven't seen him since Easter and this mama is rather lonely for her boy.  

(I could say that there is a boy really lonely for his mama, but I don't want to embarrass him!)

Rhianna and Reagan are doing remarkably well.  They have made so many new friends and are doing great in school.  They love their teachers, principal, and the kids in their classes.  

Things couldn't be going better! 

Thanks so much for your love and prayers! 

Please pray for us to find a home and also for Riley as he makes some big adjustments.  

Love you all!!

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  1. Love that picture! Continued prayers for you and the kids...