Tuesday, September 20, 2011


About a year and a half ago I was meeting a friend at her house so we could take a trip to the shore for a photo shoot.  As we were about to leave she flipped on her Roomba (robot vacuum cleaner) and let it do the work while we soaked up the sun on the beach.  She raved at how wonderful it was and how it simplified her life.  I've always kept this thought tucked away in my brain...

This friend of mine is a busy lady. An busy lady who is amazing.  A wonderful wife and mom, nursing student, fabulous photographer, shopkeeper, and a caring friend. (Just to name a few).  I think there are weeks that we are neck in neck in equal hecti-ness but I  truly believe she has a busier life than me.  If this vacuum simplifies her life...then it is a must have for me.

Fast forward to last night.  I had a 30% off coupon for Kohls and was in dire need of a new vacuum.  So all three kids and I headed to the store for an adventure. 'Cause Kohls with three kids can only be described as that.   We checked out the vacuum's and I didn't like what I saw. For starters, you had to push all of them around the room tripping over a cord.  Then I noticed that the Roomba was marked down to a reasonable price, and combined with my 30% off, plus getting Kohls cash...well, I thought it was a no-brainer.

On the way home I kept saying how much I was going to love coming home to a clean house and how Betsy just loves her Roomba. My darling  Rhianna then proceeds to remind me of a sermon we had a few weeks ago about being careful about using the words love and hate.  We should reserve love for God and family and hate for the devil and not use them so carelessly with other things.  This is so true and I told her that was so...but I also told her that some Mommies are so busy that they would say that they really, Really, REALLY, like their robot vacuum. 

Tonight the kids dashed around the house getting everything picked up so that we could turn on the vacuum.  So much for my turning it on while I was at work. I guess if it gets them to clean up then....

We flipped it on and sat on the couch and watched it go after the dirt.  How's that for lazy?  I should've made us popcorn and it could have been our nightly entertainment.  Forget lazy, how's that for pathetic?

After seeing it do my work for me I have to admit.  I almost love it.  But realizing I shouldn't love my robot I decided to just really, Really, REALLY like it.  There may be a budding romance approaching. 

Now for a robot window washer and dishwasher unloader.  Who's with me?

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  1. Amen Jules!! I have always wanted one of those roombas!! But we have too much clutter and no kids yet to pick it up:) The dishwasher robot might just be your ticket to becoming a billionaire!!! Go with it sweets! I will buy that thing in a heartbeat( at a reasonable price and combined with a kohls 30% off of course!!)