Thursday, October 18, 2012

She's That Kind of Friend

She’s that kind of friend that you know, without ever doubting, that is a direct gift from God. 

The kind of friend who will sit with you and pray with you while you both cry. 

The kind of friend who is your kindred spirit.

She’s the kind of friend where you think of her but don’t get to spend much time with. 

Because both of you are fighting the same battles:

Single mom




But she’s that friend you can call, day or night, who will always understand.
Today is that friend’s birthday. 

I wish I could get her:

A deed to a huge home
A maid to take care of it for her.

A personal caretaker

To make sure she takes care of herself
And who pampers her.
I want to give her:

More hours in the day.

Strength to get through her day.

But all I can give her is my friendship.

And many prayers.
I’ll back track to the beginning. 

In April, of 2010, I was having an extremely difficult time with life. 

Not going to get into it, but I was pretty close to either giving up or running away.

It was bad.

One evening, I really needed out of the house.  I took the children to a park.  One where I knew I could sit and read my Bible while the kids played.  
Now I know that God wanted me at that park, that night, at that time.
I was sitting on a bench, crying, and reading Philippians.  I looked over and saw a beautiful woman pushing her child on the swings.  It was as though a magnet pulled me to her.  My face was still tear stained and I wasn’t exactly in the right place emotionally to meet people.  I started to turn away and I heard God say “She has something for you. And you have something for her.” 

Little did I know how big that would one day become. 

I still think I have only tasted a glimpse of how deep that statement will someday mean.

I walked over to the swings and sat down.  I started with small talk, which was most likely ridiculous. 

She asked me about my faith and my beliefs.  She told me bits and pieces of her story and how she had become a Christian a few years back and how much she was enjoying growing in her faith.  We had so many of the same thoughts and convictions.  She asked me where I was reading in Scripture and I started to share with her what I had read, and why it meant so much.  I opened up and shared that things were really, really tough.

We exchanged numbers and that night she came over and we spent time visiting. We both agreed this was a bit odd, for her to just come over that night, but it seemed that God really was pushing us to form a deep friendship.  Soon it became our habit to meet once a week and pray together.  I miss those nights and those moments.  She became an anchor in my life and carried me through some really tough times.

Unfortunately life is rough.  And some hard, difficult and painful things have come into her life.  I haven’t been the anchor that she was for me.  I haven’t been there physically, I don’t make as many phone calls I should make, and I don’t do enough for her.  But I hope she knows that I am there, anytime at any moment and would drop and run to her.  I can give her compassion and understanding when others may not fully understand.  I can give her my friendship and my love.

This friend of mine is amazing.  I’m not going to disclose her pain and her trials. Trust that she has triumphed over so much. And she always gives the glory to God.  Please, please pray for this strong woman.  God knows her by name; He knows her struggles, disappointments and fears.  He knows her needs.   Please pray that she can remain physically and emotionally strong; to work, and go to school, and take care of her incredible children.  Being a single mom is absolutely physically and emotionally draining, in ways that others will never understand.

It’s her birthday today.  I want to hand her all her hopes and dreams on a silver platter.  I want to wipe away all the tears she has shed and the tears of her children.

 But I’m not the one who can do that. 

Instead, I’m giving her prayers.  And asking you to give her yours as well.

Happy Birthday, Nina!  I love you with all my heart. You continue to amaze me with your courage and your strength.  We both had no idea that spring evening all those years ago what God meant when He told me
She has something for you. And you have something for her.”  
And I think that we are just starting to see God’s plan for our friendship!    

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