Monday, October 15, 2012

Where's my toaster?

It took a week, but I found my way out from behind all the boxes.

 (For those of you who were worried that I was stuck in a box, locked in my storage unit, or just simply fell off the moving truck...I know...I haven't posted in awhile).

We moved on a Thursday night and it went late, late, late into the night.  So much physical work and so much emotions from that night still linger.  I have much to write about, memories I want to preserve, but I am still pondering over it. 

Anyhow, once I had all my boxes and furniture moved into the apartment, I realized we had a problem.  I had a ton of work to do.

Friday night my mom kept my kiddos and my friend, Diane, came over to help.  I decided it would be fun to grill steaks and have baked potatoes.  After they were done cooking, I realized we had a problem.  All I had was paper plates, and steak on a paper plate just doesn't work.  (I am keeping my dinner plates packed).  I thought for a minute and then improvised.  Glass casserole dishes would work.  And it did.  I just wish I had a picture of it.

I was planning on unpacking most of what I kept out of storage, but after all that packing and moving I decided to re-evaluate the situation and make a new plan.  I'm using the next few months to repack for the big move; taking the time to really organize better. 

10 days of living in a much smaller place has proved to be great.  In all honesty, I was concerned how it would go.  This apartment is very nice, just very small for a mom and three active kiddos. ;o)  But it is working.  In ways I couldn't have imagined.  I came here with the attitude of  "its just a few months" to change it to "I love it here. I can totally make this work and be fun." 

The biggest problem (and not highly tragic) was that I lost my toaster. 

It wasn't the lost toaster that concerned me as much as the concern of my lost mind.

When I left N. Second St. the kitchen was totally empty. 

And I went through every single box, repacking some for storage.

This morning (after 10 days) I finally decided that I would go to a thrift store and spend $1 rather than tear apart my entire storage unit. 

Mentioning this to the friend who helped me unpack my kitchen, she said "I think you put it in your cupboard above the stove."

Sure enough, I get home and there it was. 

Now I'm even more concerned. 

Where did I pack my brain?

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