Saturday, November 17, 2012


He is wise beyond his years. 

Riley has been struggling with the idea of leaving Rittman and moving to CT.  He knows he has friends there and he knows it will be good; but he wanted to stay here.  And he was extrememly vocal about this.

I was getting worried at how it would go.  How he would choose to react to the change.  I know moving is the right thing for us but I still was concerned for him.

Last night on our way to Wadsworth, we passed signs for the Interstate with East and West labeled.  He pointed to the East and said "that's the way we will go when we move." 

I noticed a difference in his tone of voice.

It held anticipation and excitement. 

Something that I hadn't heard before.

I mentioned this to him and asked him how he was feeling about it.

He responded with this:

"Mom, I've come to peace about it.  I know it is the right thing to do and that it will be good for us.  I'm really excited to finally move.  I'm ready."


I was silent in amazement.  Was this one more thing that God needed us to wait on?  For Riley to come to peace about it.

And seriously, what 10 year old says "I've come to peace about this." 

I'm so thankful for his ability to think through things, know to pray about them, and be willing to accept things and find peace in them.

That, my friends, is wisdom.

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