Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Birthdays 2012

Rhianna turned 8 in mid-September.  I meant to post about her big day and then with the move I just didn't have the time.

Riley turned 10 two and a half weeks ago.  I meant to post about his big day but I was writing essays and submitting resumes. I just didn't have the time.

Reagan just turned 7 two days ago.

I decided I was going to make one big birthday post. And I better do it now.  :)

For the past few years I have made it a tradition to cover Rhianna in balloons and then wake her up.  The boys stay up late to help me blow them all up and then we all wake up early, cover her in them, and then all sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" at the top of our lungs to wake her up.  She LOVES it.  It is always the best way I can think of to spend a single dollar to make her 'day' start out perfect.

We went to my moms for her little party/family get-together.  She was spoiled with so many gifts. 

Auntie Tricie and Kya

 My mom's birthday is five days before Rhianna's and my sister Tricia's is 6 days after.  We did a combined party this year.  They graciously let Rhianna pick out the  ice cream cake.
And didn't even complain that it was covered in plastic horses and green globs :-)

Molly, Rhianna, and Madalyn quick pose for a sweet picture of the three cousins.
Rhianna had a great birthday, spending it with her family and getting lots of presents.
The last night that Riley was nine, he sat on my lap and we chatted for quite awhile.  It was hard to imagine that I have a child who is 10!  I took a picture of him quick, so I could remember our last chat of when he was nine. 

Riley loves 'Angry Bird's (What 10 year old boy doesn't?).  I found this simple pizza on Pinterest and decided to try it.  It is so.very.simple.  And he loved it.  

Can he manage to blow out all TEN?

Is this not the cutest thing? Ever?  Three of my little nieces sitting eating the ice cream cake; only one looked up to give me a blue-mouthed grin :)
Riley had a great birthday.  I can't believe my sweet little baby boy is TEN.  He has really grown in the past year; physically but emotionally too.  I am amazed at what a wonderful young man he is turning into.
My attempt at a monkey cake.  Banana cake, of course.  

 He seems to like it.
Reading 'The Magic Treehouse: THE TITANIC" that I got him.  This little guy loves the Titanic and will sit and read about it for hours.  I think it's precious. 

This balloon adventure is a great story.  Well. Kinda.  Funny, but not one I want to relive.  I found this idea on Pinterest: To tape plastic along the door trim and stuff balloons between it and the door.  The object is the person who opens the door will get covered in balloons.  Perfect for a little boy's 7th birthday morning, right? WRONG. 
We had it planned that Riley would stay up late and help me blow them up and get the contraption set.  Rhianna had the camera for in the morning and would wake Reagan up when I banged on the living room wall (adjacent to her bed). 
All went as planned until Reagan would not get up.  Rhianna was sitting in her bed (or so I assume) trying to wake Reagan up.  He was just screaming "NO. AND PUT THE CAMERA AWAY. DO NOT TAKE MY PICTURE." 
This went on for quite some time.  Until I started to get nervous that we would be late to school/work.  I stood on the other side of the door begging Reagan to just get up.  I usually go in and wake him up myself, but if I opened the door, it would ruin the surprise.
He finally got up (yelling at Rhianna about the camera the whole time) and opened the door. 
The balloons fell on him and he SCREAMED. was he mad.  He slammed the door, yelling, and crawled back in bed.
At this point I was able to go in his room and finally convinced him to get up.  He did but was grumping the whole time.
So much for my fun idea :(  Maybe I'll wait until we have a Saturday morning birthday instead of a Monday?!
I'm hoping we can laugh at this someday...I'm already chuckling as I type this. 
What about Rhianna and the camera?  Well, I guess I didn't teach her good enough.  She couldn't get any.  I'm sure being half asleep while Reagan was screaming didn't help much either. 

The evening of his birthday, in a much better mood, he let me take his picture.  Isn't he a handsome, young lad?
And so goes another season of birthdays. 
While birthdays at our house aren't fancy with lots of expensive gifts, I try and make them special.  Even if that includes tormenting my poor little boy with a shower of balloons :-/

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