Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Haze of Crazy

I'm not sure why I'm surprised.

I should have expected this to happen.

When life gets busy, I should expect it to get busier.

When life brings change, I should expect even more to change.

Its good for me to be busy; and change isn't always bad.

Its just trying to see through the haze of crazy and trying to enjoy the ride.


It all started right around the same time I was interviewing for this job.

At the time I worked with a guy who had a brother who had a house which needed cleaned.

It was a rental.  One tenant moving out; another moving in.

When I cleaned it, I couldn't help thinking how perfect it was for us.

A small ranch, large kitchen, partially finished basement, great neighborhood, close to schools, etc.

I knew there was someone in line for it.  So I prayed "God, if this is where I am supposed to be; make it happen."  And then dropped it.

I told the owner that if the new tenant changed her mind or moved out soon or whatever to let me know.  I was interested.

And dropped it.

A few weeks later he called and said that she kept changing her mind about wanting it.  He was giving her a few more days and he would decide for her.  He needed to get it rented.

A week later he called.  It was mine if I wanted.

I did want.

He gave me the entire month of October to paint and move in.

Last time I moved I had 3 days.

A month?  That was great.


This past month, I have been painting in between work and sleep.

I've been slowing moving boxes.

This week is the final week to get everything moved.

I finally broke down and admitted weakness and had a friend help me finish up paint and then requested off a day to use to move the big stuff.

The painting is done (can't wait to take pics and show you.  SO MUCH FUN picking out new paint colors and design).

The moving in has started with great progress.


This house is almost a dream house.

Yep. Its small.

But it has everything I need and even a few things I want.


The past 2 months have been a whirlwind of change.  Some hard to take, some easy to handle.

I'm ready to leave my tiny apartment; but in some ways I'm sad.

It has served us well.  It kept us dry and warm and what more could we really ask for?

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