Monday, October 28, 2013

Skip Day

It started a few years ago with Riley.

He was having a tough time with life in general.

And who could blame the kid?  Life right then was fairly tough.

I let him skip school.

To have a mommy day.

The only oops in the plan was the day that it happened was the same day as the school's open house.

That evening we went anyhow.

I told his teacher why he missed and why I let him.

I loved her response: "I think he needed a day with mom more than he needed my math lesson."

That is a great teacher.

The next year I let him do the same thing.

The teacher's response?

"I don't know what you did with him that day, but I have a different student.  Keep it up."

I've come to realize that in all the craziness our life offers, sometimes we just need a skip day.  A day to spend one on one.  Not doing anything overly exciting.  But just being together in the quietness of the day.


Today is Rhianna's skip day.

It wasn't planned (they never are).

This morning I went to moms to wake them up for school.  (I worked last night).

Rhianna woke up in a mood.  Not bad necessarily; just a mood.

I could tell she needed some mom time.

She asked for her skip day to be today. (They get only one a year).

I am off today so I saw no reason to say no.

I told her that it would be a busy day.

We would be working on packing then unpacking.


Having Skip Day as a tradition in our family has made a huge impact on my children as individuals.

Its a simple thing that makes for great changes.

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