Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Airplane Rides

It doesn't take much to entertain us.  Like  Which I am thankful.  I am thankful my children were blessed with an incredible imagination.  One that can take them anywhere they want to go.  Okay so they do get it honest and I love to see how my kiddos can enjoy the simplest things in life because of this gift.

This is where airplane rides come in.  We have a bit of a tradition.  The kids know that if they are good when we run errands they will get a reward.  As in an airplane ride.  Pretty cool, huh?

Tonight Riley went home with a friend so I thought it was the prime opportunity to run to Target.  I needed to get some cleaning supplies, face wash (middle age acne..ugh. future post?), and a few odds and end for the school parties on Friday. 

Even though it was bitter cold as in wind whipping, biting, painful cold.cold the kids were great.  We stopped in Target and then ran into the Dollar Store for fake money...(will post why on Friday ;o).  And each stop they were perfect little angels. So.

As we were driving down SR 57 almost home, I quickly turned down Eastern Rd. and announced that because they were so good we would take our traditional good behavior airplane ride.  This is where our imaginations must kick in.

The car wash at Premier Pontiac has a great air blower that when set under juuuust right sounds like we are taking off in an airplane.  And since my blessings have never been on the real deal they think it feels just the same.  You should hear the screeches and cries of joy when I announced we were going on our airplane ride. 

There was a truck just finishing up as we pulled around the corner to the back of the automatic car wash.  Rhianna scolded it for being in our way and was yelling for it to hurry up!  Reagan was anxiously waiting as I put the few dollars in the machine.  I didn't have the heart to tell them that in reality the van was disgustingly covered with salt and dirt and needed a good wash.  All they knew was that they were in for an adventure.  An airplane ride. 

To some this may sound like we are pathetic.simple.slow.  But in reality we are the ones who are tremendously blessed.  While we don't have much left in the budget to spare for exciting entertainment (which makes me feel like less of a mom sometimes) on most days I'm thankful that we have to create our own fun and our own memories. 

As we pulled into the wash, the kids were crying out in delight.  The watched as the water sprayed around them and shrieked with laughter as they pretended to get soaked.  This part was fun. But they knew it would get even better.  Soon the light on the board to the side said to pull forward.  I gunned it knowing that we were only given 60 seconds of air time. And I wanted to enjoy every last second of it.  I pulled up just so, where I knew the air would blow down on the top in the exact place to make the sound of a loud engine taking off.  As soon as it hit we were in the air!  Enjoying our ride!  It only lasted a minute.  But the minute was filled with laughter and joy.  Then we had to come in for landing so we could pull out and head home.  Our ride had ended.  But we still held the memory in our heart as we drove home and talked about our ride.  Our airplane ride.

Growing up I remember one thing we did for fun was drive around developments of nice homes and window peek through the big picture windows as we drove by.  We would dream of better days and what a wealthy lifestyle would be like.  Now I wonder if my mom ever felt bad that she couldn't do the big fun things like other familes did.  We didn't know any better and I still think back to those times as the best of times.  I hope my children can do the same.  Not look back on these times as bad because of what we lack, but remember these times as the best.  And all of our airplane rides.   

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