Monday, February 28, 2011

Warning: Hippos on the loose!

Did you hear?  There have been mass sightings of hippos in tubs/showers lately!  I feel it is my duty as creator of this blog to send out the trumpet sound of warning of the recent turn of events.  Hippos are popping up in other bathrooms, not only mine.  Before your next shower or bath, you may want to check first to see if there is a hippo in YOUR tub!

It may look like this:

which is the hippo I spotted the infamous morning I started this blog. 

However, no two hippos are alike.  There was one sighting in a shower that looked like this one:

True story.  No joke.  A few days after I started this blog, I received a text from a good friend (you know who you are :o) with this picture attached.  She went to get into the shower and found this inflatable hippo in her shower smiling up at her.  Who would have ever thought that there were two hippos on the loose in Rittman hanging out in bathing facilities?

Who else has hippos in their tubs? 

One day when I was cleaning and had only myself to talk to, (yes I do this and will freely admit to it) I really thought about the meaning behind this saying "there's a hippo in my tub".  While it is silly and fun to laugh at, it is an excellent allegory for my life.  Let me explain further.  Taking a bath or shower should be a daily ritual we do without much thought. However, when there is a hippo in your way it becomes more difficult to do this simple everyday task.  As with my life as a single mom, the simple tasks that must be done everyday can sometimes feel more strenuous or difficult. Whether it is making decisions, taking care of the kids, managing my time or keeping up my home.  The 'hippos' in my life sometimes seem too big to move or get rid of. 

But thankfully I am not expected to move the hippos out of my way alone.  God has given me so many tools and big pieces of machinery to be able to remove these hippos from my life.  He has given me grace.  He has given me Jesus Christ.  He has given me faith. He has given me a wonderful church family.  He has given me a helpful biological family.  He has given me with amazing friends. He has provided me with a sense of humor. He has blessed me with the most wonderful, amazing children ever.  Using all these things as tools and pieces of powerful moving equipment, I can easily move the hippos out of my way so I can do the duties God has called me to fulfill. 

Do you have a hippo in your tub?  Does it need moved?  Simply call on Jesus Christ for help and the hippos will become easier to manage.  They will not loom large, but shrink down to toy sized hippos such as this:

With Christ you can pick 'em up and toss 'em aside and go about your day while praising and glorifying Him!

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  1. Julie, you are an amazing writer! The way you can use a little life event as a symbol of something so much wonder you can write essays from research to finish in 2 hours or less! :)