Friday, February 11, 2011

Presidents, Pools, Pancakes and Pizza

What a day.  Literally.  I think I ran a marathon today. Twice. 

The elementary school had their Valentine's Day party this afternoon.  I was the room mother for Riley's class and we did a combo Valentine/President's Day party.  We played musical chairs and 'toss the penny into Lincoln's hat'.  The kids were darling and loved opening their Valentines from their classmates.

But the best part? Was how excited Riley was to see me.  I know that the time is rapidly approaching when he will shy away from claiming me.  So instead of dreading those days, I will savor the moments I have now.

After school we ran to the BMV.  Not the place I felt like dropping $55. Yep. FIFTY-FIVE.  I think for that amount the ladies should have stood up and sang Happy Birthday in 4 part harmony for me and handed me a bouquet of balloons.  I mean, think about it.  Most people going into the bureau to renew plates are having a birthday soon.  To brighten the moment after spending $55 on a teeny sticker, they should at least give a small token for celebration in return.  Instead, Rhianna starts wailing that she has to pee.  And that she can NOT hold it anymore thankyouverymuch. So I did get a dance- and a song, just not the ones I wanted.  Thankfully, the nice women let her go in the back.  And we survived yet another year of renewing plates.

I had surprise plans for the kids that evening.  So we ran home and got a bite to eat.  Then we dug through our boxes (needing only one trip to the attic!) and found all of our beach towels and swimsuits.  It made me think of summer. The beach. And sunshine. Warmth. 

The kids and I met the Hovest's up at the rec center to swim in the pool.  I wanted to get out and spend some quality time with these wonderful friends while we let the kids burn off the sugar from their parties.  Goal accomplished.  Carrie and I chatted at the side of the pool with baby Grace while the kids swam, played water football and who knows what else.  They swam for a few hours until they were running out of steam.

On our way home we were discussing what to have for bedtime snack.  One said pancakes.  One said pizza.  One said both.  I started to argue with that logic, then figured who cares if pizza and pancakes don't really flow as a menu.  If they want it and eat it then we'll go for it.  So I pulled out some pre-made frozen pizzas and threw them in the oven.  I whipped up a quick batch of pancakes and believe it or not they ate them.  Pancakes first, then their pizza.  Whatever works I 'spose.

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