Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh How I Love My Label Maker

To the tune of O, Christmas Tree:

O, Label Maker
O, Label Maker
O, How you make my life complete.

You labeled all my Tupperware

You labeled all my spices clear.

O, Label Maker, O Label Maker.

O How I love my label Maker.

I have officially reached a new point in my life.  This past February I turned, um. It's older than 30 but much, much younger than 32.  I wasn't quite sure if I was ready for a grown up gift just yet.

When my mom asked me what I wanted I told her I needed to think about it. When in fact I needed to argue with myself about it. You see, I really really wanted a label maker.  But part of me was not ready to admit  this to myself  yet.  I had a bit of an inner struggle.  One side (the 31 year old) saying "You would be so organized" The other (Still the immature 30 year old) saying "Yes. And that is not fun" The first side would say "Yes it is.  You know the giddy feeling you get after you alphabetize your spices. Just imagine having those spices labeled! Along with your shoe boxes and your files and so many more things!"  With that argument, even the immature one in me couldn't argue at the fun we would have.

I called my mom up and to her amusement I asked for a label maker.   She said she wasn't sure which one I wanted so she would get me a gift card.  Before my birthday dinner she said "Julie. I feel so bad only getting you a gift card for your birthday. Its so impersonal" To which I replied "Mom. You are getting me a label maker. Not highly personal to begin with. I think we are fine" :o)

But I must admit I almost skipped into Staples to buy my label maker dragging Riley behind me.  He was not in complete agreement with my excitement. Then. Lo and behold they were on sale!  Must have been just for my birthday. I think I squealed. Just a little. At least I think I did. The sales lady looked at me funny...

I have had more fun that I honestly care to admit labeling things.  I have not yet labeled my kids, thankyouverymuch, but the thought has crossed my mind.  Imagine the ease when you are talking to them and their name is posted right on their forehead? No more forgetting which child's name is what. No more blank stares when you call the oldest by the cat's name. 

Right around the time of my big b-day Tupperware was having a giant sale on modular mates.  I went ahead and bought some and then winning some more in a  bonus drawing.  I was so excited to start organizing and labeling that I don't think I slept much.  I needed to figure out how to condense my large kitchen into a smaller kitchen. And Tupperware + label maker = the answer.

I haven't had as many things to label in the past week or so. But with the move right around the corner, I should start to warm the splendid machine up and get printing.  It's gonna be fun.

And yes, the spices pictured above are alphabetized.  

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  1. I love my label maker too! A friend after my own heart!