Thursday, March 10, 2011

As a sponge.

I have always known that God delights in blessing His children.  I have always known that all blessings come from Him.  I have always known that God is our father who wants only good for us.  But what I never thought about until this past week, is how many blessings we are missing out on simply because we do not ask. 

I think of my own children.  Tonight for example: Riley had worked really hard.  He came to me and reminded me of all the things he did for me (stripped the beds, carried wood, helped me make dinner). He asked me if he could have some extra computer time.  Immediately I said yes!  Wondering why I didn't think of it first? Of course he deserved a reward...but being that I was tired I was not thinking clear enough to make that initiative.

I'm not implying that God is forgetful like I was this evening. I'm giving the suggestion that sometimes He just wants to be asked.  We need to be proactive in our prayer life and in our walk with Him.  I'm not sure we can comprehend how delighted God is when He blesses one of His children. All I know is that my heart was joyful when I saw my boy receive his requested reward. And computer time is such a minute thing...imagine the magnitude of the joy of the Lord when goodness is poured out upon His child?

What blessings does God have in store for you that cannot be delivered until you ask?  Every night I pray that my children will be like a dripping wet sponge.  That they will have so many blessings poured down upon them that it will submerge them and drip onto those surrounding them. I too want to be a sponge, but I need to ask God what I need to do to stay in His perfect will so that I may be blessed to the fullest.

Dear reader, I have one request for you.  I need your specific prayers.  I need a job. A specific job. But I don't know the specific job I need. I just know that I have requirements.  My requirements are: pays well enough so that I can support my children on my own, is close to my new home, and is an atmosphere where I will succeed being a single mom/Christian. I know God has this somewhere for me. I have faith that God is paving the way to this job.  I just need my friends to come alongside me and pray that I will be shown where to seek to find this job. 

I want you to be a sponge too. So that you can soak up His love,mercy and goodness; and have His blessings flow down upon and through you.  So that you are so overwhelmed with blessings that His goodness can be glorified through your life.

We are to make our requests be made known unto God. My precious friend if it is on your heart please share a blessing you are requesting, specific or general, that we may pray along with you.  Or leave a note sharing a recent blessing you have recently received to encourage us to keep on praying! 

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