Monday, January 16, 2012

D.C.~ Day 1

My sister and her family are visiting Washington D.C. for the month of January as caretakers of our church.

I thought it would be fun to take the kids to D.C. for a long weekend. 

We left Friday amidst the snowstorm that hit the Midwest.  It typically takes a little less than 6 hours to drive to D.C.  It took us 8. 

We had been hoping to leave around 5 am and get there in time for lunch and spend the afternoon at a park.  But we didn't leave until 8:45 am hoping the roads would be clear.  They weren't.

Seeing that we arrived in the D.C. area at a quarter til five, we opted to just meet them at a park. 

They have found that the parks in the area have some amazing things to play on.  From a large rubber dome to run up and down to incredibly long slides. 

Riley and Bethany (Annie Lou) climbing the rubber dome

Reagan hanging on for a ride!

Reagan and Molly crossing a rope bridge

Annie Lou-Hoo Playing on the chain ropes

Riley getting ready to go down the slide.  I went down this one. It hurt.  

 Annie getting ready to go down the slide with Riley catching her. 

Reagan playing on...hmmm....Not sure what this is??

Rhianna on some climbing ropes. 

Little Yah! (Kya).  Look at these lilac-blue eyes!! 

After the park we went back to the church/house for dinner.  The cousins played together while Kurt, Kelly and I chatted.  Soon we put the kiddos to bed and headed that way ourselves.  It was a tiring but fun day.  We went to bed looking forward to visiting the city the next day.

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  1. We enjoyed that park with Danisa, etc. when we were in D.C. in November. Diane Lanz