Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Clear Day

This fall I started working at an orchard here in town. 

During the first two months I gave school/group tours through the orchard.   It was such an awesome experience.  I learned more about apples than I ever thought possible.  I searched online for crazy fun apple facts that the school children would enjoy.  Ask me anything about apples...I just might know it. 

What made it extra special to work there and to teach the children, along with the crazy apple facts, was about the history of the orchard.  My great-grandfather started the orchard and my grandpa grew up on that land, running through the trees and playing in the grass.  Taking the cows to pasture through the large trees. He had shared some of his childhood memories in the past, but now I had the excuse to pick his brain for more stories so I could share with the school children.  Hearing stories of growing up with five brothers in an orchard during the depression was interesting!  I am so thankful I had the opportunity to sit and listen to stories he had of his childhood. 
On nice days I would take a walk through the trees on my lunch hour.  It was quiet and peaceful and serene. Exactly what I needed during those months.  One particular day, it was warm, sunny, and breath taking.  I decided to take some pictures. (I used my cell, so the pictures may not be top-quality...if there was a day I wished for a nice camera...that day was it)  I realize these are from months ago...but maybe with the cold and bleak of winter, now is when I really need to see them again.  With the chilly rain out today, I thought this is the day to open my pictures from that clear autumn day.


As I would walk through the orchard, I thought it would be the perfect place for our annual family pictures. 

I had a photographer friend take the pictures.  We picked the second Saturday in October.  I held my breath, not sure what the weather would be like. 

I think it was perfect...

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