Monday, January 16, 2012

D.C.~Day 3

Sunday morning came early.

One thing nice about staying at the church was that you don't have far to go!

But the difficult thing is that you can't leave the house a mess. 

My kids and I slept downstairs in the Sunday School rooms.  We had to not only get dressed, bags repacked and loaded; but the air mattress and hide-a-bed put away. 

Thankfully, the children listened and were great helpers.  We had breakfast and with the help of Mary Lou, had the kitchen cleaned up and ready to go.  We were ready in plenty of time.

The church members started arriving around 9:50.  One of the men work at the Ronald Reagan building.  I gave him a special introduction to Reagan.  It was so cute when Reagan looked up at Phil and said "I was named after Ronald Reagan" and then scampered away.  I think Reagan felt special all weekend because everywhere we turned was 'Reagan'.  Even the airport was named after 'him'!!

There were 7 regular members attending, the visiting minister and his wife, Kurt, Kelly and myself.  It was a change of pace from what we were used to! The children went downstairs to Sunday School.  Rhianna, Reagan, Molly and Bethany went with Henrietta while Riley went with Joe.  It was different for Riley to have a Sunday School teacher all to himself.  I think he really enjoyed it! 

We had a wonderful morning service.  I was uplifted and encouraged.  God really provided for my spiritual needs.  I knew the afternoon would be different.  Our children are used to attending a church with 1000+ attending.  So sitting with less than 20 people would be different.  They would have to be completely silent.  I knew it could be a potential challenge.

Shortly before the service was over I snuck out to help Kelly get ready for the lunch.  We made Veggie and Potato soup the night before and had cookies made.  The tables were set and the trays set out.  We quickly ladled the soup into Styrofoam bowls and set them out.  Everyone was appreciative of the hot soup on a chilly day.

After lunch the ladies cleaned up while the men visited.  Around noon we started the afternoon service.

Reagan walked in alone and went up front and sat next to the song leader, Barry.  I wasn't sure how this would go.  A six year old boy sitting with no toys and his mother out of pinching reach.  Soon after, Dan went in and sat down.  Reagan was now sitting between the song leader and the minister.  He held his song book and sang his heart out.  He received many smiles.  I wasn't sure where this was going.  Reagan can be very good, but this was too much!  I must admit that I was a little proud of him!

When Dan started the service, Reagan pulled out the Bible and Barry showed him where to find the Psalms.  It was so darling to see him sitting there reading along with us.  Every time he would turn around I would give him the thumbs up and mouth "good job...keep it up!!!"  I told Kelly I felt like giving him $5 for being so good!!

About halfway through he quietly turned around and looked at me...then his eyes got really big and he mouthed "I HAVE TO GO POTTY".   I motioned for him to quietly come over to me.  He went out and then spent the rest of the service sitting with Molly and Rhianna.  I thought he did great!!

Riley sat with Kurt and was perfect.  He helped us sing and he read along with the Bible readings.  The afternoon went great and we avoided all potential noisy disasters. 

After church we visited with everyone for a few minutes before they left.  It was nice to get to know more Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  We hope to visit D.C. again soon!

The evening was another wonderful evening.  I wanted to leave right after dinner so I wouldn't get home too late. 

Dan, Mary-Lou and I went on a walk while dinner was in the oven.  Kelly and I were so excited that they were staying for dinner.  Having them there just made the weekend that much better.  While on our walk we visited and I got to know them even better.  They are a very special couple and I look forward to living closer to them once I move.

We ate dinner and Bethany entertained us with all her antics.  We cleaned up the kitchen and sat in the living room to visit some more.  I knew I had to be going; but didn't want to leave.  I didn't want to go home and start my work week all over.

We ended up leaving around 7:45pm.  I had a 6 hour drive ahead of me.  I had a good book on CD to listen to, so I knew I'd be fine.

The kids started getting sleepy around 11, so we pulled off for a quick potty break.  I started getting sleepy around 12:00 and I was just near Pittsburgh.  I had just over an hour.  We pulled in at 1:15am.  I was so thankful to be home.

It was the perfect weekend.  I can't think of one thing I would change. 

Now, I'm back home and trying to convince myself I am ready to go back to the day-to-day routine.  The children had off school today so I took off work. Tonight I am working on a Finance/Accounting Essay (yuck) and tomorrow is back to work.  Ready or not... 

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  1. Glad to hear your report. We always thoroughly enjoy staying at the D.C. church.
    Diane Lanz