Thursday, January 26, 2012

Has God Ever Been Lonely?

I have too much free 'mental' time at work. 

I stand there, working, without much thought.

This gives me time to think.

About things I shouldn't be thinking about.

Dissecting and analyzing thoughts that don't need dissecting or analyzed.

A few weeks ago, a thought came to mind.

Has God ever experienced loneliness?

I wanted to know that He had.  

I wanted to be assured that He knew what I was feeling and was going to pull me out of the black hole.

I knew Jesus experienced loneliness.  There are many places in Scripture where it tells of His loneliness.

I know that Jesus is our intercessor.  He tells God the Father of our struggles and how He understands them. 

I know that God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit are intertwined into the Trinity.  They are one in the same.

But still my mind wrestled with the idea of "Did God himself ever experience loneliness?"

I'm sure that some would say I'm splitting hairs that do not need splitting.

That is where my mind gets me into trouble.

I asked a few people their thoughts.

Some looked at me weird.

Some answered with this:

Jesus being God experienced loneliness while on earth, so therefore God did experience loneliness.

I agree with this.  However, part of me disagrees.

I wanted to know did God, split apart from the Trinity, ever experience loneliness.

(I told you my mind works overtime :o)

After much thinking, much praying, much discussion.  This is what I came up with:

Yes.  God experienced loneliness.  He personally experienced loneliness. 

Dark, painful, agonizing, loneliness.

When you ask?

When Jesus was on the cross.

God was suffering loneliness.

Yes, Jesus too was suffering loneliness.  He was bearing our sins.  The sins of the WHOLE WORLD.  From the time it began, until the time it will end.  You know that heavy feeling you feel when you do something wrong?  Imagine having all the guilt of the whole world, beginning to end, on you? 

But Jesus' loneliness is not what I'm talking about.

God had to turn His back on Jesus.  For the first time in all eternity (for in John it says The Word was always and The Word was Christ) God was separated from His most precious son. 

God had to turn His back on His Son so we could find peace with Him.

God experienced loneliness.

God does understand me.

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