Thursday, March 15, 2012

I should feel guilty....but I don't

Today was a short day for work.  I only had one small house to clean. I knew I would have most of the day to myself. 

I slept in a bit later than usual.  My kiddos knowing mom prefers to sleep until the last minute possible, they get up themselves and get themselves dressed.  They go downstairs and play quietly.

I crawled out of bed around 8 and went downstairs and made the kids their breakfast shakes. I packed Rhianna's lunch and we headed out the door for school.

I came home and did a few chores.  I then readied for my day and headed out. 

After I came home from work, I flipped a load of laundry, changed and headed out the door.

I was going out for the day. Guilt free.

I picked up some garden seeds for a project the kiddies and I are going to do. 

I had some research to do and a bit of design on a power point.

Instead of heading home, I decided to stop in at Panera for lunch and their WiFi.


I'm sitting here.  Kid-free.  Feeling like a put-together grown up enjoying my Acai Berry tea.

I finished everything on my to-do-list and even had a few minutes to spare to blog hop.

I should feel really-really guilty for not rushing home and doing something productive. 

I'm trying really-really hard to muster up the guilt. 

But I am struggling finding the ability to do so. 

I'm sitting in the corner, in a sunny window.  And it feels great. 

The kids are out of school in 15 minutes.  I know I should go.  I know there will be noise and chaos surrounding the children as they walk through the door.  I just can't seem to find the desire to walk back into reality.

But I will.  As much as I dread the bickering and fighting that will most likely happen this evening, I am excited to see my kids and hear about their day.

I'll just think of the next time when I can slip away and enjoy the silence of a sunny corner in a coffee shop.


  1. Good for you! You deserve a mini-break here and there. I wouldn't feel guilty at all if I were you!

  2. I didn't feel one bit guilty! I kept trying to, but just didn't!!