Saturday, March 17, 2012

Playing the Game

This morning Reagan came upstairs and sat at the table and sighed.

I asked him what was up.  He said: "Mom.  I'm going to adopt kids when I grow up." 

This started quite the interesting conversation.  What I love most about it is the obvious reality that he has already put a lot of thought into it.  It just made me wonder what ideas and calling is God planting in his heart right now?  It also made me realize what a sweet-tender hearted little boy I have...and I am thankful for that. 

This is how our conversation went:

R: Mom, I want to adopt kids when I grow up.

M:  Yea?  That would be wonderful.  There are a lot of sad children in the world who need a happy home.  What made you think of this?

R: I don't know.  I was downstairs playing the game.

M:  What game.

R: You know. The game where I adopt a lot of kids.

M: Oh. That game.  Do you feel it in your heart.

R: Yea. I do.  I feel it in my heart.  I want to adopt a lot of kids.

M:  When you say 'kidS'.  How many are you thinking?

R: Six.  I'll pay $600 for them.  $100 each.
(For those of you adopting, wouldn't that be great???  $100 to adopt???)

M: Six.  Wow.  Six kids is a lot of kids.  But there are a lot of kids that need a home so helping six kids would be great.  Are you going to have a wife to help with them.

R: Nope.  I'm going to take care of them alone.  I'm going to buy a van. 
(So moms are easily replaced with a van?  Who knew?)

M: Oh.  A van.  Good idea to drive all those kids around in.  Well, who is going to take care of your kids while you work if you don't have a wife?

R: I'll go to the bank.

M: To work? or to get out money?

R: To work.  I'll take the kids to their aunt while I work. And sometimes their Uncle Riley.
(Not sure if they know their involvement in raising 6 extra kids)

M: Good idea.  Good thing you have a great sister who would help you with your six kids.

R: Or maybe I won't work at a bank.  Maybe I'll work for a bike race and then I'll just home school the kids.

M: Wow.  You are good.  Working full-time, raising 6 kids alone, and homeschooling.  There are going to be 6 very lucky kids some day.

R: Well. I'm going back downstairs to play my adopting game again. 

I have no idea what this sweet little boy's future holds.  I can't wait to see what will come.  And I truly hope that he does adopt 6 sweet little children someday. 

The rest of it could be negotiable. 

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  1. Too, too cute! What a sweetie! I was just thinking last night that we seriously need to have him over to play before it's not possible any longer. Oh yeah...and Yikealo thinks that we should adopt 4 more after we get his little brother home so that we can have 6 kids too! (I really don't think I'm up for being a mama to 6...)

    As for Yikealo himself?? He says that he is going to adopt 700 kids when he grows up! We may need to do some further work in math... :-)