Friday, December 27, 2013

And then there were two...

The pet store told us that a shipment of guinea pigs would come in on Friday.

I had off work on Thursday so I decided to call around to other stores in their chain to see if they had guinea pigs in stock.

We found one nearby and headed off to get Reagan's guinea pig.

You could feel the excitement in the air.

There were only 2 to pick from.  A brownish/blackish white one that was quite hyper and a black and white one that was quiet.

Reagan picked the black and white one.

He already had a name picked out.  Nolan.  After his best friend.

So now we have two...

Timber and Nolan.

I'm going to apologize for the poor picture quality.  My camera is bi-polar...sometimes its great and sometimes its not.  I'm sure it has more to do with the operator being clueless when it comes to taking pictures, but its easier to blame the equipment.  These pictures show the reason why I rarely post pictures on my blog...its easier for me to paint a picture with words than to post a bad picture. :-)  


I had to laugh when I wrote the title: "And then there were two"  

A year ago we had no plans of having a pet.  Then we had Chinchie .  After Chinchie died, I said I would consider getting the kids another chinchilla for Christmas if they still wanted a pet.  

How did I end up with TWO guinea pigs??  

Reagan wanted a female guinea pig so that we could start a guinea pig farm. 

They only have 20 babies a year, Mom. 

Thankfully, the pet store only sells males.  

There will not be a guinea pig farm at our house in 2014.  Or ever. :-)


The kids love their pets.  We are just getting to know Nolan, but Timber is quite the character.  He gets so excited when I get home from work, squeaking and hopping and jumping.  He sticks his little nose up to the edge of the cage wanting to talk to me.  

I admit... I go over and talk to him and it makes the empty house seem not so empty. 

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