Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Sunshine Box

Christmastime can be hard.

Hearing others talk, I realize I'm not the only one.

The nostalgic times of childhood memories come back and it makes me remember people that are gone.

I miss my dad everyday; but Christmastime is always worse.

I struggle with being single; but Christmastime is always worse.

I don't know why.

Maybe I'm abnormal,

But I think I'm more normal that what I give myself credit for.


This Christmas we had so many surprises.

An envelope in the mail full of gift certificates for the kids and I.

We had so much fun shopping and finding treasures.

And eating out for dinner.

I have no idea who sent those gift certificates.

If you are reading this: thank you.

Thank you so very much.

You made our family very, very happy.


One night after working 2nd shift I found a bag of wrapped gifts on my front porch.

A card tucked inside that said "open a gift or two every day from now until Christmas...nothing exciting, just a little something for you."

We had so much fun taking turns each opening a gift.

There were fun straws, Oreos, pretzels, and other fun things.

It reminded me that it doesn't take anything big to bring a big smile to someones face.

I'm hoping to do this for someone next year.

To find someone who is having a hard time or just lonely.

Give them a Sunshine box to get them through Christmas.

To remind them that there are people who love them.


I don't know who gave us these gifts.  I can't thank them in person.  So I'm thanking them here and asking (once again) that my readers not forget the single moms that they know.

I have a church family who does so much for me.  I have tremendously generous friends and family who take care of me so well.

I am well aware that I am spoiled rotten.

It makes me feel guilty.

I know that there are other single parents who are truly doing it alone.

These people work in your grocery stores, they are your servers at your favorite restaurant.  They are your nurses, your school teachers, your children's friends parents.

Its so easy to point a finger and say that their decisions put them there.  Maybe so, maybe not.

Doesn't matter.

Doesn't have to be a box of gifts.

Just a smile.

Or a helping hand.

Or a bit of encouragement when they think they can't do another day.

Don't point fingers and please don't judge.

We do enough judging of ourselves.  We point our own fingers inwardly.

Giving a little sunshine goes a long way.  

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