Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Missing Guinea Pigs

Rhianna saved her birthday money for months to get a guinea pig {more on that later}

Reagan decided he wanted one for himself.

Between getting the cage, house, toys, bedding, the piggie itself; it was the majority of his Christmas presents.

This morning I ran him to the pet store to get his new little guinea pig with the gift card I had wrapped.

He was so excited.

I wish I could write how his eyes twinkled and how he grinned his cute little crooked grin.

We walked in to the pet store and he went right to the guinea pig cages.

Only to be met with a sign that said "CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK"

His little face fell and the look of disappointment was heart wrenching.

We went to the counter to find out when more would come in.


On the way home Rhianna was almost in tears.

I was almost in tears.

I told Reagan what someone tells me when I face disappointments.

'Have a good cry, and then move on'

He said "I'm okay Mom.  I don't need to cry.  I'm just really disappointed"

I am so proud of how he reacted.

He reacted so maturely.  

He has been waiting for months for this little pet.

I know that he knows that he will get one in just a few days but it was still so disappointing.

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