Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hair-owing Experience

Haircuts are interesting events at our house and it was no different last Saturday night.

The boys loathe getting their hair cut. 
This time they decided that they would have a wrestling match to see who would have to go first. 

Loser supposedly was going first. 

This wrestling went on for a very long time and I soon could tell that they were going nowhere with this.  They were most likely avoiding having a winner/loser to hopefully avoid the haircutting all together. 

I finally just grabbed one and started in.

Yes, I look haggard in this picture. Yes, I felt as bad as I looked. Probably worse.

Riley did the honors of photographing Reagan’s turn.

Reagan did the photography for Riley’s turn. 

Love his choice of angles.

Love the facial expressions.

After a hairy experience, their hair is finally cut:

Don’t look too close.  Wrestling a boy while cutting his hair doesn’t always have the best results.

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