Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cell Phone Photo Dump: One of Many

My cell phone kept telling me I was running out of storage.  Couldn't figure out why until I started flipping through all my pictures.  I guess 600+ pics on my celly is too much :o)

Many of the photos were meant to be added into a blog post, but for one reason or another it never happened. 

While downloading the cell pics into my laptop, I discovered a few files full of photos I never blogged about.  I'll try to get to can read in August what I was doing last March :o)

Instead I am going to have random Cell Phone Photo Dump posts filled with random photos; some will have captions~some won't.

These photos are from months (and months!) ago.  They are more for myself than humor me :o)

My hilariously sweet niece, Annie Lou! (Actually its Bethany Rose, but Annie Lou just stuck)

I was in CT the week after my birthday.  Brad and Dee found out and B snuck out after dinner for a cake.  
What a sweet surprise! 

Spent a Sunday in Toledo with Jared and Tricie.  Went to T's for the evening.  It was a wonderfully warm March day.  Bethany took a ride on Reagan's back while Kya watches.

The garage needed a bit of touching up with paint.  I had my cousin come help me.  I told him I hoped we could get it done before the kiddos came home from school.  He asked "Why?"  THIS is why.  haha
Why would I have a picture of a man in my cell phone?  'Cause this man has caused me so much grief and he will be a funny memory for my kiddies when they are grown.  Not sure where he came from but all three kids fight over him.  Riley thinks he should be a manly MAN. Rhianna wants him to marry her Polly Pockets, and Reagan just wants him to ride his motorcycle.  Why don't I throw him out?  Cause he is such a vital part of our family...and come to think of it he's been missing lately.
My movie star: at the dentist.

Molly Rose...another niece. 

One Sunday morning I begged and pleaded for Reagan to go get dressed for church.  He finally listened. And came downstairs like this.  I guess technically he listened...hah.  I took his picture and sent him back up to try again ;o)  Love this child...he is such a classic youngest child!!

I'm assuming this was my last spring here.  My favorite thing about living on N. Second St. in the spring is my two gorgeous Dogwood trees.  I look forward every year to the huge white blossoms that come out and dread the coming summer to when they fall off. 

 These aren't from my cell...I just wanted to show how beautiful the blossoms are on this tree. I'm going to miss my trees when I finally get to move! 

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