Friday, December 21, 2012

Molly and My Surprise

I found something on Pinterest (how many sentences do we start with those words?!?!). 

I thought it looked like a fun activity to do at Christmas. 

We spend almost the entire day at my moms and it looked liked something the cousins could do together throughout the day.

I asked my niece, Molly, to help me plan my surprise.

We spent a few hours shopping for our supplies (final project will be posted after Christmas!!)

Large quantities of candy always promises to bring good fun!

Leaving the store with our stash of candy.

Ran into Hobby Lobby for supplies for another project. 
Found a rose in Molly Rose's favorite color to pose with.
Had fun looking at all the different colors and types of flowers, ooing and ahhing!

Eating on at a fun table on a fun chair at Chik-Fil-A.
Tomorrow morning I have a 'Cousins Christmas Craft Party' planned for tomorrow morning.  It involves paint and dyes. (7 kids ages 10-2...should be interesting). 
Molly knows about my candy craft surprise and my painting and dye surprise.  What I think is most precious is she has kept these secrets and hasn't even told her mom!  What a sweet little honey bear!

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