Thursday, December 13, 2012

So you say you're Pro-Life. What are you gonna do about it?

I try not get too political on this blog.  Its just not me to do that.  But one serious concern I have for this country is the escalating rate of abortions and how common it has become.  How many don't give the thought of killing a baby a second thought.

I have to think of the Old Testament when God would pour out His rage on Judah and Israel when they would start worshiping idols and other gods.  During this time they would sacrifice their babies and children in hopes they will gain help from these false gods.  It clearly states in the Bible to not kill our babies.

Yet here we are, killing them.  It may not seem so barbaric as burning them alive, but is there much difference? 

Maybe this has more to do with the horrid economy than we think.  After all, isn't it only God who blesses a nation? 

I digress.

My point here is that so many of us are pro-life.  Yet we do nothing about it. 

Would you do something to quietly support pro-life if you could in a very simple and easy way?

I have joined hands with a friend in gathering diapers and wipes for families who recently adopted a child.  The amount of money spent on an adoption is astronomical and this would be one very simple way to support them. 

I would love to adopt.  But honestly, there are some days I can barely keep my head above water with my situation. 

For the moment, adoption is not an option. 

But creating a way to help families who have adopted is something I can do.  And we did.

We are starting to collect diapers (of all sizes, preferrably newborn-3) and will be sorting and delivering them next Thursday. 

I realize this doesn't give you much time to get your diapers and get them to me.

But I have a solution to that.

I also understand I have readers all across the globe who would love to donate a package or two of diapers but can't get them to me. 

But I have a solution for that.

I have created a registry especially for this on  They are a fabulous website that ships diapers quickly and are extrememly reasonably priced.  You can order from there and it will be shipped to me and I will distribute to those who could use our support.  This will also allow this to be an ongoing effort in quietly supporting pro-life and the adoption process.

The registry is under (first name) Diapers For (last name) Babies
You can also call 1-800-342-7377 and order over the phone.

It is set up to directly ship me the diapers/wipes/formula.

Please share this post with anyone and everyone you know who is pro-life and/or supports adoption.  If we all give a little, we can make a big difference.

Thank you in advance and God bless.   

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