Monday, December 24, 2012


My kids love fruit. ('K. So do I).

I've always heard it said that the Baumans love fruit.  I always thought it was a joke because of the orchard. 

It's not.

We would rather have fruit than candy.

Well, most of the time.

Anyhow, after our experiece with THE COCONUT I thought it would be fun to occasionally try exotic fruits.  We don't do much for fun, so I thought it would be a cheap way to have fun entertainment.

Aldi had pomegrante on sale for 99 cents.  Seemed like a good deal.  Seemed like an even better deal for a family fun night.
My camera somehow was set on something weird.  We didn't have 16 pieces of fruit.  Although we probably could eat that many they are so yummy!

We had a blast cutting it open and eating the seeds.  They are de.lish.ous!  And excitingly messy.

I have no idea how to 'properly' open a pomegrante.  We just cut it in fourths and started tearing into it naking a mess that was worth it. 
 While we were eating them, I told the kids that Jesus probably snacked on these as a boy because they grow in Israel.  We had fun imagining Jesus as a little boy with red stained lips from the juice.

I hate to admit this, but there was one little section left.  I quickly grabbed it and hid it from the kids so I could eat it later.  This fruit is so, so, very good.

I might splurge and grab us one tomorrow while we are out and about for our Christmas Eve together. 

Who knows what exotic fruit we will try next time!

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