Sunday, January 20, 2013


Remember me posting about Kayaking and then This one about being thrown back out to sea?

Well, seeing that they both carry the theme of me floundering in a boat at sea I thought I would continue to analogy.

I'm still in my little boat.

I'm still at sea.

But my arms are weary. 

I'm thirsty from inhaling the saltwater.

I hunger from the effort.

My body aches from the effort and the lack of rest.

So I decide to coast.

I'm tired.

Four years ago I started back to school.

Two weeks left.

But in those two weeks I have a final presentation, regular classwork.

And two CLEP tests to test out of. 

Three and a half years ago I became a single mom.

Its been the best three and a half years.

But with few breaks its slightly tiring.

Tuesday brings the final court date.

I'm not overly stressed; but there is the anxiety knowing that the fate lies in the judge's decision.

Each scenario: school, single mom thing, and court are each in their own right kinda stressful.

What I have stopped doing in the past two weeks is job hunting and apartment hunting. 

Still figuring things out.

Just a lot on my mind.

So I'm coasting.

The chest gripping anxiety has went away.

I'm going to get court over with.

I'm going to finish school.

I'm going to stop.  And enjoy my children. 

Then I'm going to pick up where I left off and pound the pavement looking for a job.

I'm just going to enjoy the next few weeks, sitting in my little boat being refreshed and renewed.

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  1. Wise decision. When life becomes overwhelming, stop, listen to God. He is telling you what to do, and your heart will tell you when the time is right to go on to the next step.