Monday, January 21, 2013

T-roy Boy!!!

Almost two years ago I wrote about my sweetie little nieces.

You can read about them here

I found this comment in the first few phrases:
 "There is something special about nieces (nephews too, I'm sure...I just don't have any)"
Well, guess what? 
I finally have a nephew!!!!
K&K welcomed Troy Eric on January 10th.  He was a husky 8'13". 
I couldn't wait to run up to the hospital to kiss on his fat cheeks.  
After giving them a day to recoup, I ran up to MGH and did just that. 
All four of my siblings and my one brother in law all have had nephews before.  
Troy is my first!
That puts me in the front running for favorite auntie?
Right S&T? (haha)

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