Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Edible Nativity

Remember this post I wrote about a surprise my niece and I were planning? 

This is what we planned:

Mary & Joseph looking down on the Babe in the manager :-)

The graham cracker stable is topped with a laffy taffy star.  The mortar is royal icing and the straw strewn about the stable and barnyard are yellow nerds. The manager is caramels and tootsie rolls with a laffy taffy spread out as swaddling clothes.  Baby Jesus is a vanilla tootsie roll.  Mary and Joseph, portrayed as Tootsie pops standing up in a Snickers bar are adorned by their robes of Fruit Roll-Ups.  (Unfortunately, I did not read the box.  These Fruit Roll Ups were 'special' and had jokes printed all over Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds are wearing robes printed with jokes.)  The marshmallow sheep with chocolate licorice feet and noses are lying down around the Tootsie Pop/3 Musketeer shepherds.  The Wise men are also Tootsie Pops stuck in Snickers (they kept falling over so I just said they were weary from their journey).  Their crowns were delicately designed and cut from orange fruit roll-ups and wrapped gently around their tootsie pop heads.  Their transportation, the camels, are in the background as cow tales shaped like camels with tootsie roll legs.   The donkey, gingerbread marshmallows placed on toothpicks, lay resting in front of the manager.

Molly proudly looking at our surprise project we planned for all the kids at Grandma's house. 

The creators L-R  Annie (in front) Rhianna, Molly, Reagan, and Maddie.
We took the finished nativity to my Grandpa and Grandma Bauman's Christmas get-together that night.  The kids did so good of not touching it (I meant for them to eat it but they were so respectful and didn't touch it.)  When I told them they were supposed to eat it, the entire scene disappeared in minutes. 
It was so much fun doing this!  It gave the kids something fun to do other than focus on what they were getting.  A fun way to point back to the reason for the season.
I'm brainstorming Easter ideas...keep watching for what craziness I come up with!

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  1. I love this post... such a great idea. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the Easter project. Maybe I could help you out since you'll hopefully be in CT by then. ~ aw