Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm not the only one who has had to wait

As of late I've had more and more people ask when I'm going to be (finally) moving.  Most have encouraging words to say.  But as with all things, there are the pessimists, the critics, and the ones who must put in their two-cents. 

In trying to not let those few negatives make me discouraged. Why is it that one negative remark can erase ten positives?  I saw a saying online tonight that I'm going to say to myself when someone approaches me with an unwarranted negative comment.  First to help me laugh and second to help me stay focused.  "Its not your circus. Its not your monkeys."  Basically..not your worries and not your anxieties.

In this, I decided to make a list ~ for myself~ of others, who have waited on God and went through the fire while they waited.  I decided to share it.  To encourage others who are going through a storm that they are not the only ones who had to wait...and to show how the waiting proved to be wonderful.

I'm sure there are so many that I'm missing, so to get me through this storm of discouragement, would you leave a comment of a Biblical story where waiting proved to lead into a blessing?  Or even a Godly person in history? Or even yourself and your situation, where waiting for God proved to bring you the most joy.

I need a pick-me-up.

And I'm going to assume that others need a pick me up too.


Here's my list. 
  • Joseph: Was in prison at least 2 years. Innocently
  • David: Ran from King Saul 8 years. Waiting for the promise of being King
  • Abraham: Waited for God's promise of descendants. Even though he had no son in his old age
  • Hezekiah: Waited for God's promised rescue from Assyria. Even though Jerusalem were surrounded by a massive army
  • Job: Waited for God to redeem. Even though his friends were assuming, critical, and negative.
  • Rahab: Waited in the walls of Jericho to be rescued. Even though she was a harlot.
  • Joash: Was hid, and waited, to grow up to sit on his rightful throne. Even though his life was threatened and throne had been stolen.
  • Noah: Built an ark Even though people called him crazy. Waited for the water to recede. Even though the animals were probably smelly :-) 
  • Jacob: Waited (and worked) 14 years for Rachel. Even after the first 7 years and being tricked.
  • Mary & Martha: Waited for Jesus to come heal Lazurus. Even after they thought it was too late.
  • Israelites: Wandered and waited 40 years in the desert. Even though it seemed impossibly hard.

After thinking about this list (and I know there is so many more), it made me realize that I too, can keep waiting.  Keep working through it.  Keep asking God what work needs to be done while I'm still here.  Keep praying while seeking and finding peace and contentment. 

I know I'm not the only one waiting for something. 

Some are waiting on healing, some are waiting on a diagnosis or prognosis, some are waiting on an adoptive child to come home, some are waiting to get through school, all are waiting through other kinds of storms.  We are all waiting...waiting on something...waiting to go home.

I hope that sharing this small list gives you hope and courage; that God is sitting with you in the waiting room of life.

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