Monday, March 18, 2013

The things my brother does with my kids that I don't know about

Yesterday we drove past a skydiving place.

Riley's friend said she would like to try it sometime.

I told them about how my brother went when he was 18. 

I continued the story by telling Rhianna it was on the Sunday afternoon of her first day at church.

We chatted about it a little bit and then Reagan piped up and says:

"Uncle Jared took me skydiving."

I said "No Reagan, when Uncle Jared went, you weren't even born yet."

Reagan replies, with a very serious, "Not then Mom.  He took me last week." 


I get home and text my brother and ask him why he would take Reagan skydiving without me knowing?

The reply that came back?

"I didn't take just Reagan.  I've taken them all.  You never know what I'll do with your kids."

Haha.  Love my kids' imaginations and love my brother for going along with it.

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