Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back at it

I finished classes in February with only 9 credits left to get my Bachelors. 

I am planning on testing out of them to save time and money.

I wasted the time, but still can save the money spent on taking actual classes.

I kept putting it off, maybe just burnt out from 4 years of straight classes and not taking any breaks (longer than a few days). 

Since I'm headed to Hartford to network for some potential jobs, I thought it would be best if I HAD my Bachelors and not ALMOST having my degree.

So I'm back at it.

Sitting with my cup of coffee and studying.

Can I admit it that I am actually enjoying it?  It feels good to stretch my brain again.

I'm hoping to take one test (if not both) on Monday.

Feel free to nag  check in on me to make sure I actually did it!

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