Thursday, May 9, 2013

frome: Reagan to: mom I love you

Reagan insisted on giving me the Mother's Day card he made in school.

He is the boy that keeps me on my toes and most often rolling with laughter.

Once again, he came through.

This stuff is too can't make this stuff up!

It starts out so sweet.  Then very rapidly goes downhill into hilarious.

(Bold lettering is the pre-printed sentence starter and italics is Reagan's response)

All About My Mom:

My mom is happy when...I give her flawers.

My mom's favorite color is...purple

My mom really likes to...sleep.

My mom always forgets to...get up.

What I really like about my mom is...her sleeping. (So I can get candy).

My favorite thing to do with my mom is...sleep with her.

I love it when my mom...sleeps in.

How My Mother Looks:

My mother's hair is: brown

She is as tall as: 2 of me.

She weighs about: 200 pounds. (actually he erased one of the 0's so that it then read 20 pounds:)

My mom's eyes are: ocwo (aqua...I wish...they're actually a very boring hazel.)

My mom looks best when she wears: her dresses.

Here is a picture of the things in my mom's purse:

pills (advil, I promise:)
tooth pick ( I do????)


I'm only going to add one comment to my defense about all the sleeping commentaries.  I was a for the majority of his life.  Yea. I like to sleep.  Because when you are a sleep is a rare treat :-)


  1. This is too cute! Remind me to never ask him how much he thinks I weigh. If he has you pegged at 200 (or 20) I'd hate to see what he has to say about me. Ha, ha! Happy Mothers Day, my dear friend!