Sunday, May 12, 2013

It turned out amazing

Last night I was dreading today.

I'm sure most of you have caught on to that pretty quickly.

There is just so much emotion in a day like Mother's Day.  There are the women who have no children, there are the women who have given children up because they love them so deeply, there are the women who have lost children, there are women who are fighting to keep their children, there are women who are trying desperately to raise their children right and seem to be fighting a losing battle.

There are the women who have lost their mothers, the little girls who have buried their mothers while they are still young, there are women who have been hurt and abused by their mothers, there are girls who have been abandoned by their mothers.

And along comes Mother's Day

Reminding all the hurting women of the pain.

I was (obviously) really negative this year. 

I've been battling horrible depression (There. I'll admit it.) from lack of results on the job search. 

It makes me question my identity as a women and in turn a mother.

But then my children fixed it all.

I was woke up this morning to smiling faces. 

One was holding a balloon that read 'Happy Mother's Day'

The other was holding a tray (lid to a plastic container...I had to hold back giggles)

With my breakfast on it.

Glass of water.
Cup of coffee.
Snack Pack of applesauce.

Then I noticed by my bed a pile of gifts.

Some wrapped in birthday paper.

Some in gift bags, ranging in themes of Christmas to Halloween.

The had used what they could find.

And that made it even more perfect.

They had little gifts.

Some handmade.

A little fake red tulip.

Riley gave me a pack of purple petunias. 

And a card.

That was hilarious.

And so honest.

The two littles gave me a pack of gum.  ( I LOVE gum)

And Riley's surprise he was so adamant that I needed was chapstick.  (I LOVE chapstick).

What I loved the most wasn't the gifts or that they got me anything at all; but the thought behind them.

Riley picked out purple flowers because my favorite color is purple.

Rhianna and Reagan picked out the red tulip because my kitchen curtains have red in them.

They remembered to get spearmint gum because that is my favorite.

He knew to get chapstick because I have a serious problem/habit love for chapstick.

Riley was so afraid that I would think it was dumb.  I told him that it isn't the gift that makes me happy, its the thought behind it.

I'd rather get a tube of chapstick than an expensive piece of jewelry. 

I'd rather get a small pack of purple petunias than a dozen roses. 

After a long talk, and me making him promise that even when he grows up and becomes a bazillion-aire, he always has to get me a tube of chapstick for Mother's Day.  Even when I'm 97 and barely breathing.  Just to remind him of what really matters.  He laughed and agreed. 

I can't wait until I'm 97 and he is 75 and he is still buying me chapstick.

I have amazing kids.

Its not about the gifts.  Its about the thoughts.  And that's our love language.  We show each other through thoughtful gifts.  Whether its the note we write, the picture we draw, or the flower we pick in the yard; its how we express ourselves.  To us the value of the gift isn't the monetary value, but the thought put into it. 

This afternoon at church, a sweet sister in faith comes up to me, pats me on the back tells me she loves me and slips me a Kohl's gift card. "So my kids can get me a Father's Day gift."  I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry.  It really touched my heart to know how much she cares about us.

On the way home, Riley slipped another gift card out of his pocket.  He said someone gave it to him so he could take his mom out on a date.  It was supposed to be a secret, but I figured out who it was from.  This friend of mine never fails to amaze me.  She's stood by me through everything I've went through in my life.  I love her deeply. 

I had a bigger surprise later that evening.  My mom surprised us girls with cozy jammies that are kinda fancy.  Not something I would spend on myself, but something I would really enjoy.  My sister Tricie got each of us girls an summery infinity scarf.  Mine was purple.  Again, I love the scarf.  But it means even more to me because she picked that one special because she knew it was my favorite color. 

I realized this evening I have so much to be thankful for.  There are so many people out there hurting.  Who have lost children, who want children, who have lost their mother, who maybe even needs to get away from their mother.  I don't have any of those sad things. In reality, I have it made.

I was dreading today.  But it turned out amazing.

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  1. Good for you Julie! I love reading your posts! God bless!